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Savera Nadeem (the first name being sometimes being spelt as Savaira), the well known Pakistani actress, is also credited being a producer and presenter. Like many other Pakistani actors and actresses, she comes from a very cultured and educated background, having been brought up at London, Karachi and Lahore, and thereafter doing her post graduation in English Literature from Lahore. To hone up her directorial skills she even moved over to Delhi and did a course in the National School of Drama. Not satisfied with this, she even added training in classical music to add to her extensive cultural repertoire. In fact, she comes from a family which has been deeply imbibed in drama, being the step daughter and step niece of famous TV actresses of yester years, Madiha Gohar and Faryal Gohar, respectively.
Armed with such impeccable credentials it is no wonder that the world of drama would be her mainstay for long. In fact, to get matters going on the fast track, she started her acting career at the young age of 15 for a drama titled “ Kiran Kiran - The Joy of Giving is an Indian television >> Read More... ” that was telecast later on PTV. Her subsequent plays like “ Sawan Story soon >> Read More... ” and “Mohabbat Ka Ek Pehar” had not only brought her name and fame but reinforced her capabilities as one of the very sensitive and skilful actresses of her times. Having previously done her direction course from Delhi, it was not difficult for her to soon take over the director’s baton, starting off with her debut venture “Kal” shown both on PTV and Geo TV. This was soon to be followed by a series of episodes she directed for PTV, entitled “Qurbaton Ke Silsilay”.
As an actress she has so far acted in more than 13 serials and in a slightly different capacity has also acted as the presenter of Aaj TV’s morning show “ Aaj Subah Aaj Subah is a news show telecasted on Aaj Tak whi >> Read More... ”, continuing one more of Pakistan TV’s practice of using celebrities from the acting and glamour world to host daily general purpose morning shows. Savera is quite serious about drama, and expresses her concerns at the rapid deterioration of standards due to commercialization. Whatever be it, Savera Nadeem would be always remembered in drama circles in Pakistan as one who has been a wonderful combination of solemnity and beauty.


Born: 21 February 1942

Lived For 66 Years

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