Talent surely defies bounds that come its way.There are many actors who bear testimony to this, and one of them is Sai Ranade who played the lead role in E tv’s Marathi serial KASTURI. Sai Ranade was keenly interested in acting since the very childhood.To prepare herself for the same, she joined Bharatnatyam classes while she was in VIMLABAI GARWARE SCHOOL in Pune. An inherent spark of talent was flickering inside her, since the very beginning and as a result, of that, she won the Sadhana Puraskarat the KALAVARDHANI GROUP from a whole lot of about 45 students proving her zeal to establish her name in this field. These are not the only efforts she made to near perfection, but in fact her enthusiasm kept increasing by leaps and bounds, and consequently, when she was in the FERGUSSON COLLEGE , she found that even stage had immense opportunities to offer, and so she started taking an interest in stage activities as well. She also joined SATYAJIT DUBE’S acting workshop in pune which lasted 15 days. Sai was in high spirits and was all set to rock the world with her capabilities.She began with performing in an experimental play AATLYA- SAHIT MANUS.

She tried giving auditions for many serials but initially had to face disappointment as not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth.But as said in the very beginning talent is like running water and does find a way to flow anyhow.Sai finally bagged the role of JANAKI KIRLOSKAR in VAHINI SAHEB. Those days she used to in Thane but afterwards shifted to Vile Parle as a paying guest.Sai Ranade commits that she used to live alone those days, and that is very difficult task as loneliness is the biggest punishment that a social animal can get, but she suffered everything for the sake of her career. Sai’s sacrifices paid off well, and she bagged yet another negative role in the serial KULVADHU.Though Sai wanted to get into positive roles and leads she was respecting every offer that was coming to her even if it demanded her to get into a negative character. Sai was unknown to the fact that her soulmate, her prince was just about to enter her life.While she was in Thane , SALIL SANE lived in her neighbourhood, and she knew about him only through some relatives.They both became friends, and it continued like that for a little while when they both realised that they had something more than friendship between them.

Their love story developed wings when they used to shoot for Kulvadhu and finally they both got married. Sai’s patience was rewarded when she finally got the lead role in the Marathi serial Kasturi, which was very much the kind of role that she had been craving for. Sai has also been into films like PAKADA PAKADI which came around in 2011 and BANDYA ANI BABY (2010) in which she starred opposite Prasad Oak.She also did SWAPNIL BANDODKARS music video album TICHYA DOLAT. Sai has made her mark in the hearts of her fans, and she will perpetually continue with the same trend in the future as well, this is our belief and hope.We wish her all the best.