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Khushank Arora

Khushank Arora is a versatile TV actor. He started his journey with TV daily soap named “Miley Jab Hum Tum”, a youth-oriented TV series in 2008 in a negative role. He has been offered another show named “Behenein” on Star Plus. This show was about four sisters who were fully shattered after the tragic death of their parents and Khushank was portraying a role of singer. Then he came debuting in TV serial named “Yeh Ishq Haaye” in 2010. He took three years gap and came back debuting in “Code Red Talash, 2013”. He went off the industry to handle his father’s business, then get back to Mumbai after almost three years. He got his name changed from Rahul Arora to Khushank Arora. For this transforming his name he said he is changing his name as he is attached to his grandfather so much. From last few months, he was dreaming of him (grandfather) he was referring to Khushank as KHUSH. He was not getting this why and what his grandfather is asking from him. Then he went to psychic and numerologist who has gone through his kundli and told him that according to his kundli his name should be starting with “khu”, and after knowing this fact his all questions were answered about why his grandfather in his dream was referring him Khush. After this incident, he changed his name from Rahul Arora to Khushank Arora in 2015. And asked his fans to continue showering their love and affection towards him. After a gap of three years, he came back debuting in serial Santoshi Maa in 2016. This show was an Indian mythological television series. He asked for if he is a religious person or not in contrary to this Khushank answered he is not a religious person but he is a spiritual person. He believes in Karma and he said he believe in only one immense faith only in one supreme power which certainly exists and run this universe. He also started acting in TV Series named “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya” on Zing in 2016. Recently, he has gone through the rigorous workout regime and acquired a well-sculptured body.

Khushank Arora Hindi Actor