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Swapnil Rajshekhar

Other names of Swapnil Rajshekhar: Swapnil Rajshekhar Bhutkar, Swapnil Rajasekhar

Swapnil Rajshekhar is an Indian actor. He also anchored and participated in musical shows. Swapnil mostly acts in Indian television series; his works include Raja Shiv Chhatrapati, Khel Mandala, Veer Shivaji Veer Shivaji is a Hindi historical drama serial. T >> Read More... , Ajunhi Chand Raat Aahe, etc. He took birth in Kolhapur, Maharashtra on 31st May 1976.

Swapnil also tried hands at filmmaking; he directed Ekla Chalo Re, a social documentary. He wrote scripts for short films such as Baluta and Saavat. In his successful career, Swapnil has won over thirty national and international awards. Being a Maharashtrian, Swapnil got attracted to Marathi cinema from his childhood.

His parents were Marathi actors. His father Rajshekhar acted in several movies and came to be known as the finest thespian in Marathi cinema. His mother Vaishali Rajshekhar did theatre and was a dancer. As a child, Swapnil went to a local high school. He learned acting from his father and appeared in Govind Kulkarni Bio coming soon... >> Read More... ’s Tamasgeer at just the age of seven. Later, he attended the New College Kolhapur and earned a degree in Sociology.

At twenty, he joined theatre and acted in several plays such as Prema Tuzha Rang Kasa, Niyam ani Apavaad, Vatra Karti, etc. He also directed some plays and documentaries. In 1995, Swapnil made his television debut through Doordarshan. He then moved to Zee Marathi and acted in Shejar, Kondmara, Bhoomiputra, etc. He also did modeling for Birla Cements, Bajaj, and Elf Engine Oil. In 1997, he made his big screen debut in Pratidaav.

In the same year, Swapnil participated in Zee Antakshari-a musical show and won it. He did a negative role in the film. In 1999, he became a part of Sang Priye Tu Konachi. The romance drama became his second movie. Since 1995, Swapnil has acted in over fifty feature films. In 2010, he got nominated for Marathi TV Awards-Best actor in a negative role for Khel Mandla.

In 2012, he won Excellence in the Field of Entertainment- Gumphan Award. After 2014, Swapnil directed short films like Ekla Chalo Re and Saavat that won awards for Best Direction and Screenplay at many film festivals. His last movie to hit the box-office was Maza Algaar in which he played the role of Mahant. Swapnil made his way into the industry by starting from the bottom; from theatre to TV shows and then to films. His journey is commendable and inspiring.

Another version of this bio...

Swapnil Rajashekhar is a renowned actor and writer. He works in the Marathi TV and film industry. He was born on 31 May 1976. His birthplace is Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Swapnil Rajashekhar completed his education in Maharashtra itself. He went to the Private High School in Kolhapur for his school education. He, then, attended the New College, Kolhapur for his graduation. He has graduated with a degree in Sociology. Swapnil is associated to the TV industry from his family itself. His father Janardan Bhutkar is a great actor. He used the name Rajashekhar after entering into the industry. Swapnil uses his second name as Rajashekhar after his father’s name. His mother, Vaishali Rajashekhar is also associated with acting. She has also done many theatres and acted in different Marathi films. 

Swapnil Rajashekhar entered the industry at an early age. He did his debut as a child artist when he was just 7. He started his acting journey with Govind Kulkarni in his Tamasgeer. After Tamasgeer, he worked in Fukat Chambu Baburao. After working in this early age, he took a break for a while. When the actor turned 20, he joined theatre. He has done various famous theatres. Some of his popular plays are Vatrat Karti, Prem Tuzha Rang Kasa?, Niyam and Apwaad. He continued with the theatre for a few years. He started his TV journey in 1995. He went on to work with Doordarshan. Some of the famous TV series he has worked on are Kondmara, Shejar, Bhoomiputra, and Reshimgathi. He has done several shows for Zee Marathi and Colours Marathi.

Apart from being a famous face in the TV industry, he has also modelled for various famous brands. Some of them are Bajaj Tempo Traveller, and Elf Engine Oil. Simultaneously, while working in the TV, he started his film career too. His first feature film was released in 1997. The film was called Pratidaav. In 1999, his film Sang Priye Tu Konachi was released. Some of his famous film releases are Hirva Kunku, Apharan, Bhavachi Laxmi, Achanak, and Lek Ladki. Around in 2011, his famous films like Durga Mantyat Mala and Rajmata Jijau were released. Police Line.. Ek Purna Satya was released in 2016. 

Swapnil Rajashekhar is also a director. He has directed the famous documentary film Ekla Chalo Re in 2015. He has written a short film titled Bahuta. In 2016, he wrote and directed a famous short film titled Saavat. He has won various awards for this film. He won the award for Best Screenplay at 5th Short International Film Festival. He has also won the Best director award for Saavat at various film festivals. Some of them are 4th Sangli International Film Festival, 2nd Karad National Short Film Festival, and 7th Gujarat International Short Film Festival. 



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