Saurav Chakrabarti is a versatile and extremely vivacious actor who has appeared in several famous TV shows and also in some movies. He made his debut in the field of acting by playing a strong and charming role of Cadet Peter Bubnis in a very famous and highly cherished youth show named Left Right Left. This serial was based on the life of army personnel who undergo rigorous training. This show was aired on the channel Sab TV. He is also seen in various other prime time serials like Choti Bahu in their second season in which the episodes took a leap in time. Saurav had played the role of Pragati’s son. He is a business tycoon and has a very strong character that is shown in a negative light in the show. This character is named Viraat and essays the role of Sangeeta Kapure’s husband. Saurav has also been seen in the second season of the famous serial Kitni Mohabbat Hai which used to air on Imagine TV. The character that he had been made to play for the show was of Arushi’s love interest named Dhondhu.

His character was a huge fan of the superstar Shah Rukh Khan Shah Rukh Khan or also known as SRK is a prominent >> Read More... Shah Rukh Khan and the way he essays this character has a lot of inspiration taken from this Bollywood film star which is why we see a lot of resonance with him. He has also appeared in another serial named Parindey. He has been in the limelight not just for his various roles that he has played but also for all the love affairs that he has indulged himself into. He confessed to having had a crush on his English Teacher in his childhood, and his first kiss was with his neighbor when he was in Grade 5. His plan is to go with his betrothed to a beach while the sun is setting in the hues of orange and dance salsa with her. He also expects his wife-to-be as being intelligent, and adventurous. Saurav can also be seen in movies like Game. Another movie that he appeared in was Sagaptham, which was directed by Surendran and was release on2nd of April in the year 2015.