Percy Karkaria Hindi Actor

Percy Karkaria was a non-renowned person untill few days back working as a dancer, DJ and a part-time priest by profession. Percy made his small screen debut with Sony TV’s “” with a renowned TV actress Delnaz Irani. The show was shooted in Goa which gave him a decent popularity. Delnaz is a television artist who have done qui shows in the past like Jamie Raja, Shararat, Yes Boss Click to look into! >> Read More... Yes Boss , Big Boss and Ek Mahal Hai Sapno Ka. She is quite happy with Percy and expecting for a better love life ahead. Although not much information is found about the guy, he is said to be early thirty-five.

The couple is also seeing calling themselves "pelcy" in some interviews. Together they are also becoming part of many events where Percy performs DJ and Delnaz does the anchoring. Percy is ten years older than Delnaz and on being asked about this, Delnaz has been heard saying "Age doesn't matter in love." She added that he is caring and also respects her. Delnaz on talking about marriage with Percy mentioned that she has not thought about that yet and helping each other makes her satisfied uptill now. She says that she is superstitious and believes that she is unlucky on that front and putting a stamp on her relationship might bring her relationship to an end.

She was earlier married to Rajiv Paul and had a split after fourteen years of marriage. She also stated that she is blessed to have Percy in her life and is in a dreamland and don't want the bubble to burst. According to her, marriage is just a piece of paper and they are living in together and are like a married couple. SShe said that what impresses her the most about Percy is that he is not enamored by her celebrity status. She declared that she has never seen a man before like him who never judges her.

Percy stated that there is no space of ego in their relationship. He is totally unaffected by Delnaz's celebrity status. He loves the real Delnaz and knows whatever she has gone through in her life on her separation with her husband. He stood by her like a rock. Delnaz said that "God has made one namuna for me and he is my anchor in the truest sense." The couple believes that "Power Couple" has helped them rediscover each other. It has been a fantastic journey and they both get to know each other better with every passing day.