We talk about the tinsel towns like Hollywood, or Bollywood with the image that reflects in our eyes of some handsome, tall, god like figures. The actor Vinod Nagpal does not match with this outlook, but we cannot forget his acting in different roles. He started his film career as a TV actor. In the dry days of Hindi soaps and serials, Doordarshan had brought mega serials like Buniaad and Humlog, which had mesmerized the viewers. It was the time when the remote control was out of a dream to the people and they could not shuffle the channels of their choice jiffy, at that time Vinod Nagpal engrossed us with his superior acting. We could identify ourselves with his role, as he represented a common man in his role. He had notched a character in the entertaining world, in comparison to other entertainer of the then time. His alcoholic father figure and satirical sense of humor in the series, attracts people the most. Though in those days, we did not have the facility to enjoy Saas-Bahu soaps, but the TV programme of Doordarshan had their own credit to give enjoyment to the viewers. His acting was not limited to the TV series . Slowly but gradually he had taken his entry to the film world. Within a few years he had become the topic of the town, of the world. He became a man of reputation, and became a known figure by one chance. He started his film career in 1981. After that a series of films he had in his pocket, out of them many films are worth to be mentioned. Between such films are ‘Chasme Budd or’, ‘ Karma Click to look into! >> Read More... Karma ’, ‘Bhrashtachar', ’Police Police’ , ‘Tarkieb’ , ‘Ajaa Nachle’, along many more films.