Jairoop Jeevan is a veteran Indian Television actor. He is known for his work on various television series. He is famously known for his work as Dronacharya in Mrityunjay serial which was on air in 1996. The serial was telecast on Doordarshan, which was at its prime in 90’s. Back then Doordarshan was one of the only channels broadcasted in India and was a Primetime entertainment. Mrityunjay pulled mass audiences and was a hit show watched by many families across India. Jairoop played a vital role in the series; he played the role of Dronacharya, which was a very important part of the serial. He is known for his spectacular work in the theater industry, he did various work in theater and had earned huge respect from many critics. He did various TV series such as Chanakya and Thapki Pyaar Ki. He was recently cast for Thapki Pyaar Ki, where he was the lead as father cast against another veteran Pratiksha Lonkar. He played a key role in this serial and gained many praises from the general audience.

He also made contributions in directing field as he directed the movie Jai Maa Shakambari in 2014. The movie included Anuj Sharma and Sharmila Shetty as the lead cast. The movie was a total drama based and was an ordinary affair at the box office. He has been around for a long time and has made his way through various highs and lows, but he never lost hope and now has become a very successful and popular actor. He believes a lot in the theatre and never misses a chance to work anything related to a play. He is a dedicated worker and always believes the key to become successful is hard work, no shortcut can ever lead to whole happiness. So he always believes and sends the message that hard work is the secret to become successful.