Karan Trivedi is an Indian theatre and television actor. He speaks Gujarati and Hindi fluently. Karan was born on 17 January 1984 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He has been dubbing for Indian and foreign cartoons for more than a decade. He is especially known for dubbing the role of Daniel Radcliff's Harry Potter in the famous Harry Potter series. He dubbed his voice from the second movie till the fifth movie. He obtained this role after his sister passed onto him.

This dubbing role of him is known as second and longest Hindi dubbing. Also, it is said that this is by far his best performance. After the fifth movie, Rajesh Kava gave his voice to the three films released in the Harry Potter series. He also gave voice to Troy Bolton of High School Musical film series.

Troy Bolton was played by Zac Efron. His other works include the famous movies like The Social Network where he dubbed the role of Edward Saverin, Inception, Fantastic Four, Vanilla Sky and The Green Hornet.

Vicky Arora Hindi Actor

Vicky Arora

Vicky Arora is a Hindi TV actor who made his debut in acting with Zee TV’s serial, 'Rab Se Sohna Isshq', which started on July 16, 2012. However, it went off the air because of low ratings. In this serial, the actor had a minimum role to play. The actor was casted alongside Ekta Kaul, Kanan Malhotra, Jass Bhatia and others. In the year 2014, he appeared in Bindass channel’s show named ‘Love By Chance’. Vicky Arora appeared in the 23rd episode, along with actress Neelam Sivia. In the show, Vicky Arora was a village boy who had zero fashion knowledge, but was intelligent in studies, whereas Neelam was just opposite in nature. She was weaker in studies, but was a highly fashion-conscious girl. They come across each other in a speech competition. The professor hands over the speech assignment to Vicky and Neelam. But while they try to spend their time on doing the assignments, Neelam makes fun of Vicky because of his poor knowledge of English, and thus Vicky becomes sad and leaves her. The show tells the audience how Vicky and Neelam were partners who fall in love by chance. Their youthful appearance and talent has bowled the audiences totally. After winning the hearts of the audience in the show, ‘Love By Chance’, which was a successful show on the channel, Bindass, the actor was associated with Bindass’ another show, 'Zindagi Wins', which was based on the medical profession. The TV series had actors like Vidya Sinha, Abigail Jain and Sara Khan in lead roles. Vicky Arora was given a small role, but he was impressive throughout the serial. So far, he has acted in a few television shows and serials, but Vicky Arora’s impact has been always positive and he is here to stay in the television industry for long. We wish him good luck always!


Vinod Kulkarni

Having voiced over nearly 10,000 commercials, Vinod Kulkarni is a renowned Indian voice artist, actor and a director. He specializes in dubbing International television, and film productions into the Hindi language. Kulkarni is also the owner of "Sanhil Creations."  Although the inception of his dubbing career took place in 1986, it was three years later that Kulkarni pocketed a major project in the form of the Hindi version of Jungle Book, where he provided with voice-overs for characters such as Kaa- the Python, and Moti- the wolf. The Jungle Book anime was based on adaptations from Britsh author Rudyard Kipling's book which went by the same name. In the years that followed, Kulkarni lend his voice to the Hindi versions of children's cartoons such as Popeye, the Disney character of "Genie" from Aladdin, Sylvester from Looney Tunes, Goofy from Mickey Mouse House Club, Mammoth from all Ice Age movies, Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda, and Mayor from the Power Puff Girls, just to name a few of his legion. Some of Kulkarni's movie voice-overs include the character of Dobby from Harry Potter, King Leonaidas from 300, Krull from Planet of the Apes, and Dr.Erskine from Captain America-the First Avenger. Beside the aforementioned names, he has imparted his voice to numerous other International film and television projects. Kulkarni has contributed immensely to the advertising world by providing his voice to commercials of companies such as Bajaj, Wheel, HDFC, TVS Coca-Cola, Tata, Idea, Videocon, Aircel, SBI, ICICI, Phillips,Mahindra & Mahindra, Tide, Maggi and many others. Vinod Kulkarni, being well-versed in Hindi, Marathi, and English, has appeared in various television serials in India. He is also considered as a veteran of the Indian theatres. Kulkarni has featured in Marathi television serials such as "Bandini,""Char Divas Sasuche,""Damini,""Nana O Nana,""Aparadhi Kon,""Shortcut," and "Nanda." His Hindi television serials include "Hum Paanch,""Professor Pyarelaal,""Tu Tu Main Main,""Saaya," and "Maano Ya Na Maano." Besides, Kulkarni has featured in movies such as Split Wide Open, Aaj Ka Ravan, and dubbed for animated films such as Little Krishna, Roll No. 21, Return of Hanuman, Krishna aur Kans. In spite of being immensely talented as a voice artist, Vinod Kulkarni initially pursued engineering in the field of Industrial Electronics.

Vinod Kulkarni Hindi Actor