Intro: A versatile actor who has endeared Indian television and movie viewers with his acting skills as a comedian, a supporting actor, and as a villain too.

Harish Patel is a veteran actor who started his acting career at very early age of seven as he worked in the grand television serial Ramayana produced by Ramanand Sagar. It was aired on DD National News Channel in the year 1987. During the same time, he also appeared on various episodes of another popular Hindi television serial Malgudi Days.

Later on, Harish Patel joined Indian National Theatre and worked a lot as a theatre artist. Indian theatre director Sara Prabhu and Harish Patel enjoyed a great run of success on Indian theatre. Harish Patel also got chances to perform for various Bollywood projects and movies which made him popular for his versatile acting skills. It should be noted that while Harish Patel is a popular Indian television and Bollywood artist, he is a British citizen of Indian descent who has also worked a lot for British television industry.

Some of the successful movies in which Harish Patel worked include Ghatak: Lethal, Loha, Mr. India, Andaz Apna Apna, Shola Aur Shabnam, Police Public, and Jadoo. In the year 2010, Harish Patel again appeared on Indian television as he worked for the popular television serial Baa Bahoo aur Baby which was aired on Star Plus.
Dr Tushar Shah Hindi Actor

Dr Tushar Shah

Dr. Tushar Shah is a multi-talented person, who is a doctor by profession, along with pursuing his passions of writing Hindi poetries and working as a successful stand-up comedian. He was born in Mumbai in 1962, but he retains his youthful energy even now at the age of 52. He studied medicine and completed his post-graduation course by gaining an MD degree in General Medicine in 1990 from Nair Hospital in Mumbai. Now he is working as a consultant physician at Criticare Hospital in Mumbai and he also works as a teacher of medicine. He is known for conducting several Quiz programs on medical and non-medical subjects in many places in the city. But from his early school days, he took interest in reading poetries and humorous literary works in Hindi, English and Gujarati languages. Consequently, he started writing satirical poetries himself and in 2002, he published a collection of his own Hindi poetries titled “Mera Kuchh Haasya Kavitayein”. Moreover, he combined his passion for humours and his medical profession to publish an anthology of medical related satires, with the title “Prescription Laughs” in 2011. But he rose to instant fame by participating in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge-Dwitiya, which was telecasted on Star One channel and he was selected as a finalist there. Thereafter, he worked as a stand-up comedian in Zee TV and NDTV channels, and now he also performs in various stage programs all over the world, as a solo artist or with several other famous artists, like Sonu Nigam or Shreya Ghoshal.   Another version of this bio... Dr. Tushar Shah was born in 1962 and is almost 51 years old now. He was born in Mumbai and has resided in Mumbai thereafter. He is a comedian and a writer and is practicing medicine as his profession. He graduated from Nair Hospital with his MD in general medicine in 1990. He is practicing as a consulting physician at Criticare Hospital, Mumbai. He is even famous for his teaching of medicine. He has conducted many quizzes across the country based on both medical and non-medical topics. During his school days itself, he got familiar with his talents for humour and poetry. He was the most attractive person in his school and college always for his sense of humour and for the way he used to play with different words even while talking normally. He has read many books, mainly poems. His favourites among them, whom he thought were educating people with their poems were- Ogden Nash, Shel Silverstein, Kaka Haathrasi, Ghazalkaar Mareez and Dushyant Kumar. He has written and published his own books too. “Prescription Laughs" and "Mera Kuch Hasya Kavitayen" are the books he wrote. He has penned down many poems which can tickle your stomach till it pains in "Meri Kuch Hasya Kavitayein". The poems are written in the Hindi language. The second book "Prescription Laughs" is something he has inked that relates his medical career to his humorous passion. He participated in "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge- Dwitiya" and was one of the finalists. He stood at the fourth position in the season. After this show, he has tickled us many times through many stage shows as a stand-up comedian. Audiences love to listen to him as a comedian and he loves to entertain them as a comedian. He has performed all over the world as a comedian.