When you think of smart and beautiful, then you are surely thinking of Siddhi Karwa. This young girl has both the look and the talent to make you fall in love with her, with a smile so innocent than the only thing you can think is how cute she is. She has penchant for acting and you can tell that from the type of role she takes up. Her acting life started with roles in the youth oriented shows. People are still talking about her presence in “ Yeh Hai Aashiqui Yeh hai Aashiqui is a Hindi story serial being air >> Read More... Yeh Hai Aashiqui ” co-starring Aashish Mehrotra Aashish Mehrotra is a dashing young Delhi-born Ind >> Read More... Aashish Mehrotra and Randeep Rai Randeep Rai is an actor working in various TV seri >> Read More... Randeep Rai where she played the role of a cheerful and fun loving girl. In the story, Ashish and Randeep are brothers and Siddhi will be dating one of them only to slowly drift towards the other brother. She portrayed the role so beautifully that she was instantly an overnight sensation.

It was only a matter of time, before a big offer came calling for her. Siddhi’s moment was when Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... Ekta Kapoor - the queen of soap opera in India gave her the role of Rano in the show ‘Kya Hua Tera Waddha’. It was a break she was waiting for and what better way to make a mark when you get to play the daughter of the protagonist of the show, Mona Singh Mona Singh is a popular Indian model-turned-televi >> Read More... Mona Singh and Pawan Shankar Pawan Shankar is a well-known face of Indian Telev >> Read More... Pawan Shankar . She has a done a commendable job and did justice to her role. Siddhi’s another notable performance was in the youth based crime show “ MTV Webbed This mini-series by MTV revolves around real life >> Read More... MTV Webbed ” where she played a negative role co-starring Niti Taylor Niti Taylor is a 20-year-old TV actress who got re >> Read More... Niti Taylor another upcoming new actress. Siddhi confirmed that she had a blast shooting in Dehradhun and Hrishikesh.