Bhudo Advani Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 17-08-1905
  • Date of death: 25-07-1985
  • Star Sign : Leo

Bhudo Advani was an Indian movie actor and comedian, who was born on August 17th, 1905. He began his career in theater with the idea of spreading consciousness on social issues. Bhudo went to Bombay on the recommendation of a representative from Ajanta Cinetone and got offered a character in the movie Afzal, also titled Hoor-E-Haram in 1933, which was directed by Mohan Bhavnani Mohan Bhavnani was an Indian director. His full na >> Read More... Mohan Bhavnani . Later, he joined Sagar Movietone and became an important feature in most movies produced by the production house.

Bhudo transformed himself from character roles to comedy featuring in Dr. Madhurika (1935), which was directed by Sarvottam Badami Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sarvottam Badami , Do Diwane (1936), and Deccan Queen (1936), by C. Luhar. Bhudo became an important part of director Mehboob Khan's movies, working in all the films directed by Mehboob while working for Sagar Movietone. When Sagar closed down during 1939, Mehboob created his own production company, named National Studios.

Bhudo becomes a member of National Studios, but by the start of the 1940s, Bhudo was working as a freelancer. In his career, which spanned over forty-four years from 1933 to 1977, Bhudo worked in over ninety movies. Bhudo belongs to the Sindhi community, and along with SP Menghani and Moti Prakash, helped towards the formation and development of the Sindhi theater in 1961. His notable performances were in some of Raj Kapoor's movies like the movie Boot Polish, in which he did lip-syncing to the track Lapak Jhapak Tu Aa Badariya, which was sung by Manna De in Raga Adhana.

He also worked in Ab Dilli Dur Nahin (1957) and Shri 420. His last movie was Shatranj Ke Khiladi (1977), which was made by Satyajit Ray Biographies reveal bare details about the maverick >> Read More... Satyajit Ray . Bhudo Advani took birth as Daulatram Advani, on August 17th, 1905, in Hyderabad, Sindh, British India. After his high school exams, Bhudo spent his holidays creating plays based on social issues and were of main importance for him. In this time, he created a play in which he had to play an old man, Buddho or Buddha. The other reason for his name, Bhudo, was because of his toothless smile, which was reportedly caused by a genetic disorder. The name was popular, and so he was named as Bhudo Advani in movie credits instead of Daulatram.