Sunali Rathod Hindi Actress
  • DOB : 17-01

Sunali Rathod is a very popular singer of Bollywood film industry. She learned Carnatic music while she was a kid. She adores singing, and turning up as a playback singer is her dream since childhood. She was born, and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and her birthday falls on 17th January. She got married to Anup Jalota Anuj Jalota is a very popular singer, and he sings >> Read More... Anup Jalota , but then, she couple got divorced officially.

She then got married to a splendid singer, and composer Roop Kumar Rathod Roop Kumar Rathod is a trained classical playback >> Read More... Roop Kumar Rathod and the couple is living together. The couple has a child namely Reewa. Sunali Rathod performed a stage show when she was ten years old. This was how she got acquaintances of many music composers. She can confidently sing in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, so on and so forth. She became a full-fledged singer when she was eighteen.

After her wedding, Roop Kumar Rathod, and she was invited as special guests for a reality show on Star One channel. The show was a comedy one namely . It is evident that her husband and she were quite popular celebrities of Bollywood. In the year 2008, her husband, and she were invited for another show, based on music, namely Mission Ustaad, and the finals of the show for Ustaad title happened. She made an album recently with her husband, and the name of the album is Kalmaa. It has become a huge hit, and her fame knew no bounds.

Her passion for singing has never gone, and it always grows day by day. She is a very dedicated playback singer, who sang songs with her exquisite voice. She has a lot of fan followers, who likes her singing so much. She also sings Ghazal based songs, and she won an award namely Best Ghazal singer award in the year 1986. Thus, her singing of Ghazal as well got recognized. She is a very skillful singer, and her singing is in high demand as always. She is such a promising singer that all her songs are soothing to listen, which is consistent.