Shweta Shetty

Other names of Shweta Shetty: Shwetha Shetty

Shweta Shetty is an Indian pop singer who was born in Mumbai on 20 June in the year 1969. She started taking music lessons in Indian Classical, and was motivated by her mother and continued performing in some different music styles outside of the classical field. Her career came on track with the help of well-known music composer A R Rahman and in one of her interviews she quotes saying "I was very lucky to sing from the very beginning with and for someone like him. Until today, and all through the last decade, he is one of the most influential and important people in the famous Indian film music industry".

Her very first album ‘Johnny Joker’ released in the year 1993 and was a hit in the music and the film industry and then later in the year 1998 her album ‘Deewane To Deewane Hain’ was released, and it also was very successful. Her songs in AlbumRoja gained her popularity and then her next project was ‘ Rangeela’ which she said was just an experiment but turned out to be successful. She also stated that music in ‘Rangeela’ was different and unusual as it was Indian music with Rhythm n Blues.

She was one of the first Indian singers who not only sang Indian and Western music but also created a mixture between an Indian interpretation and Western means. She was nominated in Filmfare for “Best Female Playback Singer" for her songs in Rangeela. Later, in 2003 she released yet another album ‘Saajna’ which was based on Indian music and in 2004 she produced a song with ‘Jam and Spoon’ with Sara Brightman.

Shweta Shetty is married to Christian Brandt, who is a German, and they both are currently living in Hamburg, Germany. They both are very happily married. In one of her interviews, she said "First one year of marriage wasn’t great, primarily because of cultural differences. It made my life as well as his complicated. We took time to know each other and now I proudly declare that last four years of my marriage have been the best years of my life, and we both are very much dependent on each other".

In the start of her career, her father was not at all supportive and was not happy with her growing involvement in this career. He cut all the financial support, but then also she pursued her dream and became successful. After becoming everything, she ever dreamed of, she managed to shove away all the differences with her father, and now her father is utterly proud of her daughter.


Another Version of this Bio...

Shweta Shetty is a renowned pop singer born in 1969 in Mumbai, India. She made a few albums and is very well-known for some soundtracks in Bollywood films. She is married to Christian Brandt, who is a German and has settled in Hamburg, Germany.

Shweta released her first album for MTV called 'Dekhne ki Cheez Hoon' in 1993. It was a moderate success. Everyone knows her as Shwet. She is fluent in Carnatic music and is one among the pioneers of popular music in India like Alisha Chinoy and Sharon Prabhakar. She had her own style in composing the song and its music. She says she won’t mind even if her song becomes an item number. She released her album 'Bekaraar' in 1996.

Shweta released her album 'Saajna' in 2003. The lyrics of the song resemble her feelings about love on her Spouse Christian. She switched from high-pitched folk songs to western music. After experimenting with her voice for the song Dhola Re, she thought that she is capable of much more and made herself break her image hoping that people will take note of it.

Shweta's big time hit songs are Mangta Hai Kya from the movie 'Rangeela' and Rukmani Rukmani from 'Roja', and they, fortunately, became famous. She stated to the media that her compositions are always original and genuine as one of her songs Deewane. She made the music lovers fall in love with her song Dil Tote Tote Ho Gaya which was released in 2000. In fact, Shweta was quite a sensation during her haydays.