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Hindi Singer Shubha Mudgal

This famous Hindustani Classical singer, trained in Hindustani classical music went on to train in Kathak as well. She released songs and music albums that received raving reviews from the vast Indian Audience. A bit of recap before her career began, Shubha Mudgal trained in Allahabad, her hometown. She initially pursued Kathak and then switched over to training in Classical Hindustani Music because she felt her voice would suit that style better.

She later pursued her musical training in New Delhi under the guidance of Pandit Maudgalya, who performed a song in the national award winning animation film, Ek Anek Aur Ek Ekta. After all the training and education, she went on to perform as a Classical Hindustani singer in the 1980s. She later experimented with various other music genres, including fusion and pop. Her body of work includes the following list of recordings; Ali More Angana, Arasaial, Ab Ke Sawan, Mann Ki Manjeree, Anand Mangal, Pyaar Ke Geet, Kisson Ki Chadar, The Awakening Click to look into! >> Read More... , Shubh Deepavali, No stranger here, Classically yours and Jahan -E-Khusrau.

Concerning her personal life, she married her Pandit Mudgal's son, Mukul Mudgal and gave birth to a son who today is a famous singer and also has a good hand at poker as well. She divorced Mukul Mudgal after a few years and went on to marry Aneesh Pradhan Aneesh co-founded the independent internet record >> Read More... .


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