Shiraz Uppal is a Pakistani singer, songwriter and music composer. His career began in 2001 with the album Tu Hai Meri and gained fame in the Pakistani music scene with his song ‘Tere Tay Mera’. He began associating with Indian music director A. R. Rahman from Nayak in 2001, but what gave him huge recognition in India was his song ‘Roya Re’ for the Bollywood movie Dhokha in 2007. Uppal won the Mirchi Music Award for Best upcoming Music Director in 2010 for the song Rabba in the Bollywood movie Aashayein. His other famous songs are " Raanjhanaa", “Mann Ja Ve”, “Saiyan Ve”, “Mere Khuda” and “Aiyla”.

​Uppal was on a two-year hiatus from the music industry from March 2011. Uppal quit the music scene to embark on a spiritual journey in the name of religion. During this time, he moved to the US for the treatment of his wife’s cancer.

Uppal suffered heavy losses during this time, his famed SU studios, where leading artists such as Atif Aslam, Noori and Fariha Parvez recorded their music, was liquidated and sold in a short period. Uppal returned to the music scene through A. R. Rahman’s One Love Peace concert tour in the US where he sang two qawwalis, “Kun Faya Kun” and “Khwaja Meray Paas” in a 10-minute set. During this time, Uppal also met with acclaimed American music producer Quincy Jones. After the tour, Uppal returned to India and set up his studio once again and started working on a new album. Uppal cites that his wife is his inspiration for his romantic songs. Uppal has said on several occasions that he considers A. R. Rahman his mentor and guide, with the latter even having helped Uppal during times of financial crisis.

Uppal is somewhat of a fashion icon in Pakistan, plays several instruments and is a self-proclaimed technocrat.


Another Version of this Bio…

Hailing from the city of Lahore, Pakistan, Shiraz Uppal is one of the most popular artists in both Pakistan and India. He completed his MBA in the year 1998 and then went on to choose a career in music.

He is a Singer, Writer and a Music Director. He started his career in the year 2001 and had been taking an upward curve so far. He debuted with the album ‘Tu Hai Meri’ which jump-started his career in the field. His albums “Tere Tay Mera”, “Jhuki Jhuki”, and “Ankahi” followed, each equally successful. He has also composed songs for various Pakistani and Bollywood movies of which ‘Shakalaka Baby’ from Nayak and the title track of ‘Raanjhanaa’ are quite popular. He also composed a few songs for Pakistani Dramas. He considers the Academy Award-winning musician A R Rahman as his inspiration and calls him his ‘ Guru’.

He is not only a proficient vocalist but also a guitarist and keyboard player. He is associated with record labels like Fire records, Sadaf Stereo, T-Series and Eros. 

Shiraz took a break from music in the year 2011 but returned shortly after, in the year 2013, with more inspiration and went back to producing soul-searching music once again.

Aside from being a popular artist in the field of music, he has also mesmerized the Pakistani teen crowd with his upbeat fashion sense and style. While he is a magician of music with the old-fashioned instruments, the world of virtual music has not escaped him. Shiraz considers himself as an absolute computer buff and is always exploring new audio software and is after hi-end recording gear. He also owns a state of the art audio studio called SU Studios in Lahore where he has worked with popular bands like JAL and Noori and singers like Atif Aslam, Zeb and Haniya, Neeti Mohan, etc.,

Nikita Nigam

Nikita Nigam was born to Agam Kumar Nigam and Shobha Nigam, both singers by profession. This Kayastha family born 25-year-old damsel is blessed with not only a great voice but also in looks. Nikitha Nigam, popularly known as Teesha Nigam, did her silver screen debut by lending her voice in the film ‘Singh Saab The Great.’ Teesha is the younger sister of the musical magician Sonu Nigam, who use to accompany her father on stage when he was young. She also has a sister Meenal Nigam. Nikita, with her mesmerizing voice, made her debut as a young kid by singing bhajan for a devotional album just like how her brother started his career. According to her, she can adapt to any music since she had been given a wide exposure to various styles right from her childhood. Even though Teesha comes from a musical background she had never aimed to professionalize singing, neither was she inspired by her father or brother. For her, it was just fate. Nikita has mastered her vocals under the great musicians Mohd Tahir as well as Sunil Boregaonkar. As a young kid, she has accompanied her brother to many of his stage shows and has sung along with him. Nikita reveals that she started showing interest in music right from when she was two years old.  The upcoming singer, Teesha Nigam aka Nikita Nigam, who has been singing of late in a lot of South Indian films started strong on her career through the title song of the movie ‘Singh Saab The Great’ a 2013 release, directed by Anil Sharma. The music was composed by Sonu Nigam and Anand Raj Anand. She gives all credits to Anil Sharma, who believed in her voice. In this film, she has given a Punjabi touch to her tone. Nikita has proved her versatility by recording in various styles for films including the 2013 movie ‘Sooper Se Ooper’ by Shekhar Ghosh and ‘Jal’ by Girish Malik. She has also lent her voice in ‘LoveShhuda’ by Vaibhav Misra.  Nikita has also identified herself as a ‘Shiv Bhakth,’ which she claims to have inherited from her mother. She has even made a tattoo regarding the same. The journey from Nikita to Teesha was due to the feeling that the name Nikita doesn’t explain her person well.  Apart from singing Teesha is also interested in exploring herself through meditation and yoga and also to sharpen her spiritual self. Teesha has also modeled for Kripalani & Sons Jewellers in 2010 during the fifth day of IIJW, which is a platform to showcase great designs.  

Nikita Nigam Hindi Actress