Ranjit Kaur is a very reputed Punjabi singer who has sung songs for over a period of 40 years. She is most popular for her melodious duets with Muhammad Sadiq, who is also a very well-known Punjabi singer.

They have been singing together from 1981 to as recently as 2014. Some of their earlier collaborations include Vyah Karvalai Kaka and Too Vee Hath Di Pakki, from the year 1981. The songs Malki Te Keema and Bhabhi Maiinu Rishta Aaonda were performed for the albums Vichore(2002) and Aa Gayi Roadways Di Lorry (2004).

The most recent collaborations between them have been in the year 2014 for songs such as Mere Wali Nakhro and Ashqi, for the album Mere Wali Nakhro. She sang songs for Punjabi films not only as a playback singer, but she has also sung songs as a side-actress.

She currently has a medical condition for which she is receiving financial support from the district administration of Ludhiana. She underwent surgery for her gall bladder last year, at Guru Tegh Bahadur Charitable Hospital. Dr. S P Singh, her surgeon, said that she also suffered from a serious infection.

She was initially admitted to the hospital because she complained about a stomach ache, according to her son Gurdas Singh. Before the administration offered her help, singers like Inderjeet Nikku were outraged at the fact that someone who had helped preserve the culture of Punjab so well was not given due attention.