Prakash Kaur, a personality that attracted the emotions of almost every Indian with her simplicity and her level of faith in her husband. In spite of being the wife of one of the living legends of India, Prakash Kaur was an ordinary looking lady with her heart full of faith for her husband and lots of love and care for her two sons and two daughters. She born on 19th day of September 1919 in a typical jatt family and was grown up in Punjab, India. She is not well educated and not much beautiful but she has a beautiful heart which is much more important than the above two. The journey of her life was quite simple even after she met a person with whom she was supposed to spend the rest of her life.

At the age of thirty-five she was given the responsibility of being a wife when she married ‘ Dharmendra  Dharmendra Singh Deol was born on 8th December 19 >> Read More... Dharmendra ’, the nineteen years old Punjabi boy. Dharmendra was a super star in Bollywood. Most of the actresses of the time were falling for him. The journey of their relationship went smooth initially and they had 4 children named as ‘Ajay(Sunny)’,’Bobby’ and two daughters but later their family was about to shatter due to a new lady in the life of Dharmendra Ji. Although it didn’t shatter, it was protected by the faith and love of Prakash Kaur. The new lady was no other than ‘ Hema Malini Hema Malini is perhaps the only dream girl of the >> Read More... Hema Malini ’, a young and talented actress in bollywood.

This incident made the life of Prakash Kaur hell. The kind of life she lived can easily be imagined by the following lines in a news article of the time “For two decades, she had lived the life of a dumb doormat at the feet of her film star husband. She had seen him flit from one woman to another, watched him drink himself to death and yet remained staunchly behind him like a true Pati Sewak. Unrecognized and unhonoured. She stayed in the background making excuses for her husband’s love for wine and women; mending his broken heart after each affair and working hard to keep her family and home from crumbling completely. So much so that when after more than twenty years of married life her husband chose a second wife ,she bore the hurt, humiliation and disgrace silently ,without complaints.”

In an interview she stated the faith and love for her husband through her words that her husband might not be the best husband but he is the best father and she believes that whenever she will need him, she will always find him with her. Her children too used to consider her mother as the best. Since the birth they have seen the nature of her mother that has grown respect for Prakash Kaur in their hearts. Once in an interview to a reporter she proudly said “I may not be very educated nor I am pretty but for my children I am the best woman on the earth.” Well said by someone , Being beautiful is being simple. It is not in the way one dress or on the pigment which one puts on their face.