Prakash Kaur, a personality that attracted the emotions of almost every Indian with her simplicity and her level of faith in her husband. In spite of being the wife of one of the living legends of India, Prakash Kaur was an ordinary looking lady with her heart full of faith for her husband and lots of love and care for her two sons and two daughters. She born on 19th day of September 1919 in a typical jatt family and was grown up in Punjab, India. She is not well educated and not much beautiful but she has a beautiful heart which is much more important than the above two. The journey of her life was quite simple even after she met a person with whom she was supposed to spend the rest of her life.

At the age of thirty-five she was given the responsibility of being a wife when she married ‘ Dharmendra’, the nineteen years old Punjabi boy. Dharmendra was a super star in Bollywood. Most of the actresses of the time were falling for him. The journey of their relationship went smooth initially and they had 4 children named as ‘Ajay(Sunny)’,’Bobby’ and two daughters but later their family was about to shatter due to a new lady in the life of Dharmendra Ji. Although it didn’t shatter, it was protected by the faith and love of Prakash Kaur. The new lady was no other than ‘ Hema Malini’, a young and talented actress in bollywood.

This incident made the life of Prakash Kaur hell. The kind of life she lived can easily be imagined by the following lines in a news article of the time “For two decades, she had lived the life of a dumb doormat at the feet of her film star husband. She had seen him flit from one woman to another, watched him drink himself to death and yet remained staunchly behind him like a true Pati Sewak. Unrecognized and unhonoured. She stayed in the background making excuses for her husband’s love for wine and women; mending his broken heart after each affair and working hard to keep her family and home from crumbling completely. So much so that when after more than twenty years of married life her husband chose a second wife ,she bore the hurt, humiliation and disgrace silently ,without complaints.”

In an interview she stated the faith and love for her husband through her words that her husband might not be the best husband but he is the best father and she believes that whenever she will need him, she will always find him with her. Her children too used to consider her mother as the best. Since the birth they have seen the nature of her mother that has grown respect for Prakash Kaur in their hearts. Once in an interview to a reporter she proudly said “I may not be very educated nor I am pretty but for my children I am the best woman on the earth.” Well said by someone , Being beautiful is being simple. It is not in the way one dress or on the pigment which one puts on their face.

Pardhaan Hindi Actor


So many young rappers in North India are bursting forth to prove their talent with the nascent ideas and fresh music. Few of them had already created fandom of their own and people wait for their next release eagerly. Pardhaan born in Karnal, Haryana, India is a contemporary rapper on stage making fans drool over his songs. Almost ten years ago, Pardhaan started his career in Hindi music industry. He used to make remixes and upload them on YouTube. His love for rapping made him release some samples, and people started liking them. Pardhaan collaborated with Harry Cheema and released “Rappers Delight” which made him a star overnight. His tracks are a mixture of some serious stuff with goofy lyrics making him a versatile singer. In these three years, Pardhaan had worked with Kakkar sisters, Benny Dayal, Neha and Sonu too. In 2008, he became a member of a crew of five members famously known as Desi Beam, and the band had their debut “Main Haan Desi” which turned so many heads towards them. Along starring Bohemia and Kaint Look Pardhaan had worked with many other rappers for the song “kali De Nali”. At the beginning of 2017, there was first ever Fantasy Battle Rap, which was held between Pardhaan and Ikka Singh. People and fans single-mindedly chose Pardhaan as a winner of this rap battle. When Pardhaan released his single, “The Chod Do” in December 2016, a lot of controversies stirred up around the song. He completely targeted Pakistan in his song. This action of Pardhaan had upset many of his Pakistani fans and a sane person too as it is a sensitive issue. Later as a backfire, another rapper Aqueel had released a beat with the title, “Pardhaan ko chod do.” This dispute did not affect his popularity as his next song, remixed “Meri Bandook” was a major hit and got added to one of his best five songs lists. Not only Pardhaan’s albums but also the parties hosted by him also got a huge following. For the 2017 New Year’s Eve at Delhi he organized DJ and tickets were sold like hot cakes. Soon Pardhaan is going to appear in MTV Indies which is a staple show in most of the homes. In an interview, he expressed that he enjoys writing songs as that gives him so much satisfaction and he never intentionally would hurt women.


Shirley Setia

Born on July 2, 1993, in Daman, India, Shirley Setia is a mainstream Indian descent performer, songwriter, and singer situated in Auckland of New Zealand. She graduated from the Auckland University and is an intern of publicity and marketing at Auckland Council. She recorded a cover tune for the exceptionally prevalent number “Tum Hi Ho,” while she was found in Pyjamas contending in the contest under the brand called T Series in 2013. This video is as yet one of the Top 10 most trending with 2.1 million views on her Official YouTube channel. She gained the sobriquet "Pajama Popstar" by the daily newspaper, New Zealand Herald. She became one of the champs from a large number of entries. Despite the fact that she was not in any manner genuine about her vocation in music however with her tunes getting famous she at that point got the stage to begin singing and taking it as the prominent vocalist in New Zealand.Before being the renowned singer, Shirley was an RJ with her consistent show called 'Showtime with Shirley' airing each Sunday on Radio Tarana. In the midst of the hectic life, Shirley began uploading routinely on to YouTube and has from that point has teamed up with artists on YouTube from US, UK, India, and Canada such as The Gunsmith,Sanam Puri,Antareep Hazarika, Arjun, Darrel Mascarenhas and Kurt Hugo Schneider. Four years, with 50 M views and 1.1 million subscribers, she moved to Mumbai, to seek after her fantasy of becoming show biz royalty in Bollywood. Shirley soon turned into the sensation in India, giving a decent acknowledgment in this industry. She performed and got a reaction past desire from the Indian audience. Rob Cain of Forbes magazine composed a feature on her and her plans. Hindustan Times recognized her as YouTube sensation of India and as one of the greatest worldwide artist of New Zealand by TVNZ. Shirley’s most well known till date cover tune is "Sanam Re" from the Bollywood motion picture "Sanam Re" which was originally sung by singer Arijit Singh. She has more than one crore veiws on YouTube. Shirley has affirmed herself to be a major fanatic of KK and Asha Bhosle. She has in truth made the cover of many of their hit tunes like Labon Ko by KK and Chura Liya Hai by AshaBhosle.Her YouTube channel is YouTube's Top 5 subscribed in New Zealand. For OSM Musician of the year, she won the Outlook Social Media Award alongside the BIG Golden Voice Award as BIG Digital Sensation. Shirley is an inspiration for the aspiring singers.

Shirley Setia Hindi Actress