Indrani Sharma is a Bollywood playback singer. But her fortune was not similar to any other reality show playback singers. Indrani used to lend her voice to many private albums which had a youth trend and a mix of even folk, pop, devotion but always touched many socio issues.

Singing is her passion, her first love, and the secret of her energy. Music to her is like finding her inner self, her soul. It gives her great joy to see audiences enjoying with her. And this could be a reason that this singer has given her heart to singing.

The choice that this singer always had made was probably that she used to choose some meaningful lyrics and yet retained the youth flavor. The charm that this singer focused was a simple tune but had contained human emotions too.

Take for instance the private album songs for which the singer is always held in high esteem, and they include,’’ Subaha Subaha Utho Kehte Kehte’’ or ‘’Mera Baba Pyar Tumahara‘’ sung by singer Indrani Sharma with Jaigopal Luthara. She also chose to sing a popular pop song 'Hole Hole' with popular singers like Sohail Khan, and Tarannum.

After doing playback for over a ten or more albums, Indrani forayed into Bollywood and lend her voice to a movie ‘ Luv Shv Pyar Vyar’. The song which this singer has sung along with another singer Kunal Ganjawala was tilted ‘Jism’ for this movie and which was a duet song and it was indeed a sexy note. "Luv Shv Pyar Vyar", was released in 2017 in which GAK and Dolly Chawla played the lead roles. This movie is produced by Krishan and directed by Pradeep Raja.

Her another popular pop album song was titled as 'Bewafa Beqarar’ which was sung with Suresh Anand, and Rupesh Mishra. Indrani also sang another popular solo number 'Dil Yeh Janta Hai’. She also did get a chance to playback a movie titled ' Hum Hain Wonder Boys.'

As we listen to her private albums, we can see how she lifts her head up and opens her mouth, her voice escalates with every tune that comes out.

Priya Patel

Priya Patel is a vocalist,singer, and composer whose impressive performance is making waves in Bollywood.She is also a dancer and has excellent live performances.This vibrant entertainer and lyricist is shaking the movie industry. Her melodious voice and beauty mesmerizes her audience. She was born on the 22nd of May in Ahmedabad. Her star sign is Gemini. Priya communicates effectively in Hindi,Gujarati, and English.She spent the early years of her life in the western state of Gujarat. Priya spent the initial years of her life in Ahmedabad, where she gained admission into LD Arts College. She studied Political Science in this college, and obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science. She is a Hindu by religion, and a very talented person. Her dancing skills and appearance has positioned her perfectly for greatness.She lives in Mumbai, and her significant contribution to the movie industry, is propelling Bollywood to higher heights of fame. Priya is a perfect definition of talent, and a well grounded professional singer. Priya made her triumphant debut into Bollywood as a singer with the album titled "Anjani Se."Many females in Mumbai admire this album."Anjani Se" remains a great superhit album which has received very positive feedbacks. She received music lessons from Ustad Ali Khan.Ustad trained her at the Saptak Music Academy, and enabled her to develop skills in semi-classical music. Due to her passion and determination, she quickly learned the lessons.Priya also sings Garbas, pop music, and some western songs. Her talent is admirable. She is a very confident person with a personality that will excite every audience. She composes her music personally and even writes her lyrics without any assistance. Her music is nice, and it is not surprising that she stimulates a happy mood in her audience. She has performed at more than 100 shows in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. Priya is also a playback singer for many movies. aHer performance on prestigious platforms like Indian Idol and Sara Ma have left long-lasting memories among her numerous fans. She has also participated in events like Garba, and Navratri where she demonstrated her unique abilities. She is involved in the recording of songs for three different films.Priya worked in collaboration with Meet Brothers for composing the music associated with these movies. She is always ready to learn new things. Priya Patel is determined to enhance her dancing skills to the best possible level. She has been offered movie roles but turned down the offers and preferred singing.

Priya Patel Hindi Actress