Shailesh Dave

Other names of Shailesh Dave: Sailesh Dave
Shailesh Dave Hindi Actor

Shailesh Dave is an Indian producer and TV personality who is the founder of the production house Runaway Productions. Before starting up his own production house, Dave had served as the CEO of In House Productions in the 90’s. He also served as an associate producer for the film Sulemani Keeda, a comedy film released in 2014.

Prior to entering the TV industry, Shailesh Dave worked in a multitude of positions. He did work in advertising as well as marketing and consultancy work on an international basis. His work wasn’t just limited to India; he also worked in the USA before finally entering the TV business. His first major job in the industry was as the CEO of the production house In House Productions. The company wasn’t a major player at the time, although that would change under the guidance of Dave.

When he took the reins, they were just another small production house. Under his guidance, they not only grew to add more than a hundred employees on their payroll, but they would also end up becoming one of the biggest production houses in the country at that time. After he had quit In House due to what he described as “a sense of fatigue setting in”, he started his own company called Runaway Productions. He then wound up creating a number of successful TV shows including but not limited to hits like Movers And Shakers The first season of Movers and Shakers came one an >> Read More... Movers And Shakers , a late night comedy cum talk show that was hosted by renowned comedian Shekhar Suman Born on 14th June, 1960, Shekhar Suman is a well k >> Read More... Shekhar Suman and The Great Indian Comedy Show, a late night comedy sketch and standup comedy show.

The production house created a niche for themselves as creators of shows that are topically driven in nature but which have a comic twist in them. His most talked about project in recent times was his involvement in the production and release of the indie comedy film Sulemani Keeda. The idea behind this was that there is no production house in India actively supporting the indie movie scene, and there was a potential market to be filled. The film is based on two friends who plan on making it big in India’s film industry by getting some producer to adapt their screenplay titled Sulemani Keeda.

The film received rave reviews from critics both in India and abroad for its storyline and humor involved, giving justification to Dave’s belief that there is a need for more films that aren’t driven by big stars and sizeable budgets.