Santosh Bindal is a producer in the Indian Film Industry. She produced many short films and ventured into the production of a Feature film with the movie ‘Maine Ek Ladki Chahiye.’ Even after being her first productions, her art of management is very much visible in her project. The lady had a long career, but she gained fame through the film ‘Maine Ek Ladki Chahiye.’ The movie got released in the year 2014. It starred Irfaan Raza Khan, Raghubir Yadav, Puru Chibber, and Peecha Sinha in the star cast. The talented director Abhishek Bindal directed the movie and gave his hundred percent to make it a master-piece. It revolved around the story of the journey of a lawyer to get those charges dropped.

The movie had a satirical base, although the issues raised in the film had a sensitive touch. To solve a case, a lawyer bears all the hatred of the society, including his wife and children and never backs off and keep finding the truth. It raised several burning issues prevalent in the country. The fraud cases in the country, false allegations on both the parties, fabricated evidence by the police, lawyers, prosecutors, doctors, and many more people. It narrates the conspiracy to hide the truth and mix it with some more spice and then present it differently. All these were the main points used in this film. It belonged to the genre of comedy but never failed to slap the reality of the world on the audiences face without using any harsh medium.

This was the greatest achievement of the film. Shekhar Kochgavan and Abhishek Bindal wrote the script, and the movie had got co-produced by Manoj Bindal and Santosh Bindal. Armstrong Media distributed the film and Ravi Pawar and Sadab Bhartiya made the soundtrack. It had five music tracks. This was the first project handled by Santosh as a producer, yet she left no stones unturned to make it a success. The film received mixed views amongst the critic’s circle. Some of them appreciated the bold attempt by the team and others felt the movie made fun of many sensitive problems instead of dealing with them subtly. It got 2.5 stars from RJ Jeeturaj and 3-5 stars from The people who appreciated the movie saw it as a complete art form focussing on the rawness, reality and the mirror of the society.