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Mukul Deora

Born in 1973, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mukul Deora is a musician, entrepreneur, conceptual artist, and film producer. He is the son of Hema Deora, who is an interior designer, social worker, noted bridge player and painter and Murli Deora, who is a long-standing Member of Parliament and a leading person in the Indian Congress Party. As a tyke, Mukul listened to Western music through TV, which at the time was just meagrely accessible. In spite of the fact that the family climate was very political, he was drawn towards the performing arts and music specifically. From the mid-90s, he showed up at many clubs as DJ and a performer in Mumbai. He has worked with Qusai Kathawala in duo and audio-visual electronic occasions with his company. Slowly building up his particular style of creating and playing, he demonstrated an enthusiasm for electronic music-production that is removed from the Indian custom yet conveys adequate echoes to distinguish it as music from the East to Western ears. Mukul discharged his debut collection name Stray with the record label SONY BMG in 2006. The album was written, produced and composed by him. Howie B, who has beforehand delivered U2 an Irish rock band and Bjork, the Icelandic artist, was an Executive Producer. Stray achieved number 12 in the charts of India and was critically acknowledged, with the UK's Guardian daily paper. Before Stray, Mukul established Transmit Audio Lab, a surrounding clamour/discovered sound group. Transmit Audio had a few excellent performances in India, where they evolved the making of soundscapes utilizing sounds recorded from Mumbai's aural texture, layered with mechanical and electronic rhythm patterns. His introduction ambient show in 2001, seen as India's first by some. He has done shows at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, Tate Modern in London and NCPA in Mumbai. In 2005, he sold a packaging solutions firm name Mipak Polymers Limited that he had begun in 1999. The company had more than 300 representatives and four processing plants crosswise over India. Mukul with Shezaad Dawood coordinated The Body Electric in 2008. The Body Electric was utilized to dispatch the esteemed UK Cultural Olympics and projected for two days on Norwich Castle. The couple performed under the name Dawood/Deora. They additionally executed at the Serpentine Gallery in London, as a main bit of the Indian Highway show, and discharged Expressway-an assemblage of conceptual electronica from India. It released with Mukul's record name on Dudup. Mukul had a solo show titled BREAK in Mumbai in 2009. The show was a participative analysis. It turned into a vigorous, enthusiastic, battle, in which extremes of feeling were without given articulation against that quintessential image of innovation, the vehicle. BREAK had accomplished close legendary status, and Diesel + Art had a display with pictures and recordings from the 2009 event by 2012. GQ, the men's magazine voted him as Best Dressed Indian in 2011 and 2012. Mukul performed a media organization at TED India, where he worked together with Kalarippayattu artists to make a piece called The Wandering Arrow-a juxtaposition of an old form of Indian martial with present-day conceptual electronic music. He had a radio show on Bob Dylan for a month-long period in 2011 and 2012. He likewise performed for Dylan’s birthday as a tribute at Blue Frog in Mumbai in May.


Dhanraj Jethani

If there is a man who never gives up, that’s Dhanraj Jethani. He is the pioneer and the head of the Dhanraj group of companies, which run business in various sectors. His various commercial enterprises range from real estate to construction, media to film production. He is very well known and respected. He is a brilliant person and a man with foresight which had led him in all his endeavors. His wisdom and prudence are clearly indicated by the success of his numerous enterprises. He has very slowly but surely has diversified into many fields of business which are highly profitable. He is known fondly as Dhanraj bhai to people close to him. This man has a heart of gold. He is very much into charitable acts, but this attribute is hidden from the public eye, as much none of his such deeds have been publicized and thus is not known by many. His only intent is to help the poor and downtrodden and he with his acts of charity has been able to put a smile on their faces and has given them a reason to hope for the best. His success and fame are self-achieved as he dared to pursue his dream and he did it all with brilliance. The Dhanraj group of companies under the leadership of Dhanraj Jethani ventured into film-making and started a company, Dhanraj Films Pvt. Ltd. He is the spearhead, the chairman and, CEO of the said company. Though the company is in its infancy the achievements are astonishing. Much to the surprise of the national and international film-makers, he was successful in completing his first film within a period of 54 days, which seasoned filmmakers working in the Indian film industry has not been able to achieve. The success of every enterprise run under the banner of Dhanraj group lies on one important fact. Even though he is past the age of retirement, he is a man who never stops. Having accomplished so much and having huge earnings, he refuses to step down. His fighting and unstoppable spirit, encourage those working with him to work with great zeal and efficiency. An attitude of ‘no turning back; and it can be done’ not only keeps him going but also turns into gold all that he touches. His sons - Chandresh, is a marketing genius and is also a dynamic executive, while Anil works along with them.

Dhanraj Jethani Hindi Actor