Gopaldas Parmanand Sippy was born to a wealthy family in Hyderabad, in the Sind Province of what was then British India. He grew up and studied in Karachi (Pakistan), and earned a law degree. 

In 1947, after the partition of India and Pakistan, Mr. Sippy and his family moved to Bombay, leaving behind all their property and savings. 

He then opened a restaurant in Bombay. For a while, he sold carpets. He then moved on to the construction business and built some of the first apartment buildings in Bombay. It was while building a house for the Bollywood actor Nargis Dutt, that Mr. Sippy developed a passion for films.

In 1995, he produced his first film “Marine Drive. That same year, he had another hit, “Adil-e-Jahangir,” starring Pradeep Kumar, Meena Kumari and Durga Khote. A series of successful romantic, social and musical films like “Shrimati 420,” “Chandrakant,” “Light House,” “Bhai-Bahen,” “Mr. India,” “12 O’Clock” and “ Andaz” followed, all produced and directed by Mr. Sippy.

While making Brahmachari which had Shammi Kapoor in the cast, Mr Sippy and director Bhappie Sonie had some difference and the project was shelved off then. The financial problem also nail downed his interest in films and he wanted to quit film making. He even stalled his production film Bandhan, that had Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz as leading pair. Mr Sippy wanted to leave film industry and took a decision to run his own hotel in England. Later, the dispute was resolved, and Brahmachari and Bandhan got released and the film was declared a hit.

Around this time, he asked his son Ramesh Sippy to quit his studies in London School of Economic and help him to produce films. The father-and-son-duo made some of the memorable Hindi films like’’ Seeta Aur Geeta’’, which had Hema Malini in double role with Sanjeev Kumar and Dharmendra. That movie was followed by “ Sholay”, which broke all records in box-office in India. After the success of Sholay, the Sippys hoped to create another wonder with “ Shaan”, but it failed miserably. Sipply’s last movie was “Hamesha’’ in 1997, which had Kajol and Saif Ali Khan in the lead.

Along with Ramesh Sippy (director of Sholay), Sippy is survived by his another son, Ajit. He passed away when he was 93.