Anuya Mhaiskar is an artist and homemaker from Powai, Maharashtra. Raised in a middle-class family settled in Nasik, Anuya was interested in fine arts from her childhood and studied Kathak extensively after her higher studies from Ruia College. After her marriage to the famous Mhaiskar family in Mumbai, she still followed her passion with a large interest since her spouse and in-laws were highly supportive of her interests. She is associated with the cultural and aesthetic institution in Mumbai known as ‘Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya’.

Her passion for art gained her the acquaintance of various veteran artists such as Sanjay Surkar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , who is a renowned film director, especially dealing with Marathi films. In a conversation with Anuya, Sanjay happened to discuss the story of a script which he was working on at that time. It was inspired by the real-life incident of Aruna Shanbag who is currently battling with the government to gain permission for euthanasia. She has been in a coma for 36 years, and her family wishes for her death rather than a state of non-existent survival.

Sanjay’s story, though adapted from the Aruna case, was entirely different from the former in many ways since he had added several elements to make the fictional adaptation complete. It dealt with the relationship shared between a mother and a son after the mother meets with an accident due to which her hands and legs get paralysed. The mother wants euthanasia since she doesn’t want to be a trouble for anyone else, even though her family looks after her very well. The son in the story is torn apart by a different problem- since, on one hand, he wants his mother to live, whereas the only happiness that she wanted was death.

The story, which belonged to a category that most Marathi film goers were unaware of, deeply inspired Anuya, and she decided to produce it, becoming the first female Marathi film producer. She believes that while making the film, she experienced a connection between the film and the fine arts that she practised. The movie, titled ‘Sukhaant’ was released under the banner of ‘Sudha Productions’. Anuya wishes to make more movies which have an original theme so that the people can be made aware of the various predicaments that others undergo.

Sachin Awasthee

Sachin Awasthee was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He went to St. Mary's High School, Mazagaon, Mumbai. After his studies, he has worked as a manager for business development in three business firms like Intergold Gems Pvt Ltd, Fine Jewellery, and Gitanjali Gems. Later he worked as a Senior Manager of Distribution for Cosmos Brands. Sachin Awasthee and Anuya Mhaiskar founded a film production company named Sudha Productions in 2008. Sachin Awasthee is the brother of the co-founder Anuya Mhaiskar, who has a degree as a Kathak dancer. Sudha Productions have three films to its credit. The first being 'Sukhaant' directed by Sanjay Surkar, who is a very well known and well awarded Marathi director. In 2009, 'Sukhaant' bagged the Maharashtra State Award for Best Social Film. In 2013, they produced a black comedy 'Tendulkar Out' which was not much acclaimed by the critics. ' Aandhali Koshimbir directed by Aditya Ingale in 2014 was a big hit from the production house. It got favourable reviews calling it a "neat and clean comedy". The audience enjoyed the songs of the movie with much adore. So, from the last seven years, he has been working as an associate producer with Sudha Productions. In the meanwhile, in 2012, he also produced a Bollywood Crime Comedy film 'Chaalis Chauraasi'. This movie is not wholly from the Sudha Production house. Uday Shetty, Sachin Awasthee, and Anuya Mhaiskar altogether have produced it. This movie got a mediocre movie review stating that the crew tried hard to be good, but just remained as an effort. Sachin Awasthee was not just interested in film and film production. He loves cricket. He is a big fan of the Mumbai Indians team and especially Sachin Tendulkar. All in all, the movies produced by him focuses on social aspects like crime and comedy. Sachin Awasthee, though, couldn't make many films, but has his own mark on Marathi Film Industry.

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