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Hindi Politician Bhanwar Lal Sharma
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Bhanwar Lal Sharma is a politician; he had born on 17th April 1945 in Sardarshahar. Sharma is a strict vegan, being like that he elected as a president for “All India Brahmin Federation,” and he had been holding the president post since 2011. Bhanwar had grown in a poor family since his childhood; he had stopped his studies in 10th grade because of poverty. His father name is “Sewak Ram Sharma,” and Bhanwar is the eldest son of the family. Bhanwar was later adopted by Maanak Ram Sharma and he is one of the family members of Sewak and at that time Maanak profession is a Sales Officer, Maanak had helped Bhanwar to get into the field of politics. Maanak had given a contribution to Bhanwar for his first Panchayat election. Bhanwar spouse is Manohari Devi she lived in Nohar, later Bhanwar was blessed with two daughters and two sons.

He was an active member of Legislative Assembly, Rajasthan, and he is the senior most member of the assembly. He had been in the assembly since from the year 1985 to 2017; his first party name is Lok Dal, Bhanwar had worked for that party from the year 1985 to1990 in that five years he learned many politics and also showed his techniques in handling people like convincing, other information, etc. later he had joined in the Janata Dal and worked for that party from the year 1990 to 1998. Since 1998 Bhanwar had been working for the Indian National Congress party, and his current party is Indian National Congress party, there he had become as the senior most member and best legislative member. Bhanwar personal occupation is Business and Farming.

Bhanwar was president for Rajasthan Brahmin Mahasabha in the year 1994-2000 and again 2002 to till now, Rajasthan Mahasabha is an organization and it has collected more than 75lakhs people from Rajasthan in Brahmins caste. After electing as a president for Rajasthan Brahmin Mahasabha, he took a land in Rajasthan with the help of the Government and constructed one boy’s hostel for the students who were coming from various places for the higher studies. He had signed on different projects in which many temples like Shree Shyam temple, Shiva temple, etc were built. he had signed for the project ‘Aapni Yojna’ with German Government in Churu. Bhanwar is an active working member and he is a most superior member of the legislative assembly; he always showed his passion in politics to handle things and most experienced person for the party members.


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