Krishna Raj Kapoor Hindi Actress

Krishna Raj Kapoor Raj Kapoor was a renowned actor, director, and pro >> Read More... Raj Kapoor , the beautiful wife of Mr. Raj Kapoor was born on 30 December, 1930 at Rewa State, Madhya Pradesh. She married Mr. Raj Kapoor in the year 1946. Raj Kapoor was a famous actor and a filmmaker.

Krishna Raj Kapoor's father, Raisaheb Kartar Nath Malhotra, his father was an Inspector General serving police of Rewa State, Madhya Pradesh. Her father had three wives and thirteen children, of which Krishna was the fourth daughter.

She was around 16 years old when she married Raj Kapoor. It was too soon and she passed her matric exam after her marriage that too with the distinction. Krishna was the cousin of Prithviraj Kapoor One of the most notable names in the Indian film i >> Read More... Prithviraj Kapoor , and she was said to be the senior Kapoor’s maternal uncle's daughter.

Their match was an arranged by both families, Kapoor family sought everything that they want, as Krishna was traditional, limited and much more conservative. Later Raj Kapoor and Krishna Raj Kapoor, were blessed with five children.

Randhir, Rishi and Rajiv and two daughters are Ritu and Rima. Three of their sons pursued acting and became famous. In the last few days of Raj Kapoor life's, she was somehow supportive and gave an example of true love. The final moment of Raj Kapoor was that he could not forsake his wife, which shows his intense love and respect towards Krishna Raj Kapoor.