Tapan Raj Hindi Actor

Tapan Raj is a well-known Indian musician. Tapan is a part of the famous duo MIDIvial Punditz along with his partner Raina. Their passion for music brought them together. Raj has completed his graduation from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, in Textile Engineering. Tapan hasn't received any professional training in music. It was during his college days, he started experimenting his music composition. His talent got applauded, and during his days in IIT, the institute asked to conduct a rock show. Tapan was also a part of their college music band. He was a drummer.

Raina and Raj are childhood friends and now perform together with electronica music. Tapan is known for the best fusion he creates. Indian classical music blended with their electronica music is their identity.  Raj has also worked for a full-time job. The duo used to conduct "cyber mehfils" and used to spend money to arrange for space, instruments, and mouth to mouth publicity. It was organised at the Cafes of Delhi and played Indian electronica music. After a year or so it finally helped MIDIvial Punditz. They started receiving calls for the parties they used to conduct. It was then they felt this was an amazing opportunity to take up as a career.

The duo band has made four albums so far. Tapan believes in his instincts rather than following a trend or competition. There is always an ingredient of Indianness in the songs he creates.