Gurpreet Singh Shergill was born in 1973 in Punjab. He became public eye after his debut music album ‘ Rabbi Bio coming soon >> Read More... Rabbi ’. After his album, he was called Rabbi Shergill. He got fame by his singing style Sufiyana with lots of western arrangements. His top chartered song “Bulla Ki Jana Mein Kaun” was hit. Rabbi is called, "Punjabi music's true urban balladeer" In college, Rabbi formed a band “Kaffir”. The band used to play in competitions and festival. Rabbi initiated his career by composing for advertisement. He composed for Yamaha RX-T motorbikes. He had many unsuccessful times. Phat Phish Records gave him the opportunity, and he came up with ‘Rabbi’ which was a major hit.

Relying on the music video, he had a hit song "Bulla Ki Jaana". Songs on the album written and composed by himself except the hit song "Bulla Ki Jana". It is based on the poetry of Baba Bulleh Shah; he entered Bollywood with his another hit song 'Dilli' in the movie, Delhi Heights.[5] Rabbi came with his second album Avengi Ja Nahin in October 2008 under very famous Yashraj Music. The album deals with issues such as social responsibility, and the need for “collective morality. It contained nine songs. He also sang one of the hit song written by Gulzar and composed by A.R Rehman for the Yash’s Chopra last and romantic film Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012). He also sang for MTV unplugged. He has released his third album ‘III’ and fans are waiting for his next album.