Remember the singing show- Antakshari on DD in 90’s, yes. If anyone who is in his/her 30’s will recall her as the icon figure & personality, host with Anu Kapoor on the show. She is Durga Jasrag . Born on 12 September 1964 to the famous classical vocalist Pandit Jasraj Pandit Jasraj is a classical vocalist. He received >> Read More... in Mumbai. Her mother’s name is Madhura Pandit. Her maternal grandfather is a famous film director V. Shantaram. She has a brother Sharang Dev Sharang Dev is a famous and much reputed Music Dir >> Read More... , who is himself a music director.

She is a trained classical vocalist & has performed in so many events with her father. Her interest in acting shows her versatile nature. She is very beautiful & acted in Ketan Anand’s film - Aaja Meri Jaan & the very famous TV serial Chandrakanta. She is the first woman who established the Indian Music Academy (IMA) in 2006, as the tribute & dedication to music. Her company provides platform to a lot of music genres. 

She is a Hindustani Classical singer & understands the need of classical music up gradation in the society. Her company – IMA also performs an annual award function from 2007. She is the person behind various activities & programs for Indian Music like Indian Jalsa. She has the company in the name of Art & Artistes. She is the most recognized & famous person in the music industry. As with her art & artistes initiative, she has reached to a mass number of musicians, which helps to promote individual work of music like Indian classical, Semi Indian classical, folk etc. Every genre gets attention to her, to promote & upgrade the level & reach to the audience. IMA works as a philanthropist also, as it is very keen to save the old deteriorating classic music. Art & artists also do a lot of Intellectual property work like Jalsa, Panchtatva, U & I, Jai Hind- Marathi music awards, Divya Jyoti Bhajan, Tiranga etc. 

She is a soft hearted artist, who also showcases her love towards society. Recently, she appreciated the Yoga Day, Father’s Day, and she was recently seen in the autobiography publishing event of her grandfather V. Shantaram.
Danish Hussain Hindi Actor

Danish Hussain

Early Life Before carving a mark on the cultural and artistic realm of our nation, Danish Hussain started his career as a banker, which was roughly 16 years ago. He spent his evenings in the theatre after the day’s work, a life which lasted for three years. He eventually quit the job and started doing theatrical plays, after which a series of powerful encounters sky-rocketed him through various phases of the genre, eventually paving the way for his success and triumph in theatricality. Career as a theatre artist He performed his first two major plays with Barry John, which granted him instant recognition from other artists, who invited him to their shows. While working with M.S. Sathyu in DaraShikoh, he was introduced to Habib Saab by actor Humayun Abbasi. During 2004-05 he was a regular member of the Agra Bazaar troupe, playing big and small roles like that of a shayar, shohda, patangwala and a crowd member. Along the journey, he met the scholar cum filmmaker Mahmood Farooqui, who introduced him the mesmerising art of narration known as Dastangoi, a 16th-century Urdu oral storytelling art form. Along with Mahmood, he revived this art form and went on to perform on a global scale, bringing to attention the forgotten art of Indian Culture. He performed at the Prithvi Festival for the first time in 2006, after which he was invited to perform Dastangoi in the Motley festival, which was well-received by the audience. Following the success of the event, he became a regular in the Fest, and the art was revolutionised. During his course of work, he starred alongside the many geniuses of Indian Theatre arts, namely RajinderNath, M.K. Raina, Barry John, M.S. Sathyu, Sabina Mehta Jaitly and SohailaKapur, and also starred in plays such asManto, Panchi Aise Aate Hain, Jaat Hi Poocho Sadhu Ki,Mirzabagh, Agra Bazaar, Rumi: Unveil The Sun, A Cat on A Hot Tin Roof and The Crucible. He also worked in collaboration with Naseeruddin Shah, who played a major part in sculpturing the actor in Danish. His plays namely: Dastan-e-Choubuli, EK PUNJAB YE BHI and Chinese Coffee were staged by The Hoshruba Repertory, Hussian’s Theatre Company. The Hoshruba Repertory was founded in 2012 and staged many of Hussain’s critically acclaimed plays. Along with Mahmood Farooqui, he performed Dastangoi at the Ali Institute organized by the Faiz Foundation. A man of diverse talents, Danish had donned the role of a poet, an actor, theatre director, and a columnist and till date remains an optimist, who dedicates his entirety to the art and take part in its everlasting charisma and impact on the lives of the holy family. Achievements He bagged many awards, which includes the Best Actor in A Supporting Role award for Rumi: Unveil TheSunat the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards of 2008, Akademi’sUstadBismillah Khan YuvaPuraskar in 2010 alongside Mahmood Farooqui for Dastangoi, the prestigious SangeetNatakAkademi award (which he returned to the Academy) and many more.