Subhradeep Das is an Indian music director who works for the Bollywood industry and is mostly famous for his work in the film “ Main Aur Charles Click to look into! >> Read More... Main Aur Charles .” He works with his long term friend Saugat Upadhaya to make music, and together, they are a duo called “Bally Grunge,” which is named after the place Sugat lived in when he was in Kolkata. He is based in Kolkata and has been performing with Upadhay at many venues live like the IITs, for example. He is skilled in playing the guitar and singing as well and has a deep love for rock music.

Although he had been into experimenting with genres like rock and grunge with Upadhaya, they decided to give Hindi music a try as well after being fascinated by the way it sounds. Although Das likes mixing genres, he believes that the final result’s impact on a listener is what matters the most, in the end.