Sidhant Mathur

Other names of Sidhant Mathur: Siddhant

Sidhant Mathur is one of the emerging Music Composer in B'Town. His music skills are very good. He is in search of a big budget movie so that he gets a chance to showcase his music skills to a large number of Indian as well as International audiences.

Sidhant Mathur has done two movies, as a Music Composer, editor, and director. One of them includes Children Of War (The movie was released in 2014). Mrityunjay Devvrat directed the film. The story of the movie was written by Devvrat and Asad Hussain as well.

Children Of War starred Farooq Sheikh, Pavan Malhotra and Victor Banerjee. The tagline of the movie was “Would you go to war for peace? A war child's search for acceptance and a nation inundated in blood.” The second Movie in which Sidhant Mathur worked was Amaant, released in 2014 as well.

The plot of the movie goes around two thieves, out of one which becomes the cheater and betrays the other partner. It was written and directed by Nikhil Ramesh. The movie starred Vidhushi Mehra, Jatin Goswami Born in Dergaon, a small town in Assam, Jatin Gosw >> Read More... Jatin Goswami , Daman Sidhu and Sahil Gupta.

As, the movie was a short film; its run time was 23 minutes only. Sidhant Mathur was the sound editor for this mysterious drama flick. We Wish Sidhant Mathur, soon get a big kickstart to his career from a big banner of Bollywood, so that, the taste of original music lovers get restored in the music of Bollywood.