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Rahul is a Hindi music director who grew under the guidance of Mohit Suri Mohit Suri has directed many Indian movies mostly >> Read More... . He is a promoter of new talent and is in association with Universal Music Group to launch EMI labels. The hottest sensation in the music industry is Rahul Mishra, who is a composer and sang for many films in different languages. He was noticed instantly as his talent stood out among the crowd. Offers came pouring in after he sang the hit song Tu Hi Hai for the movie Half Girlfriend. With a voice like his, it will be easy to produce classic songs He is from Allahabad, and his love for music piqued when he started piano lessons when he was young.

A small town like Allahabad presented limited opportunities, but he was determined to work hard to get into the Hindi industry. His famous songs are from the movie Half Girlfriend and the Marathi flick Mantalya Unhaat. Tu Hi Hai garnered a record of more than two million views on YouTube on the first day of its release. Mohit praises him for his work and is grateful that he got to be a part of the hit film. He is looking forward to compose many more songs and sing in the future flicks with him. As a teacher and mentor, he is proud of Rahul’s achievements. For such a young graduate of MBA to choose a risky path of corporate life is a commendable and appreciable.

Few taste success as early as Rahul had in his life. But his unmatchable talent is proof that virtues are not overlooked in any field of life. Hence, it is his natural gift for singing and composing music that made him recognized by the industry. He is working on new compositions for projects in the future, and by 2018 he will be featured in movie tracks and title songs. The Vice President of Universal Music Group says that Tu Hi Hai was his favorite song of 2017, and is looking forward to hearing more songs from Rahul as he is proud of him and grateful to have him in his company.


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