Sonali Gupta is an Indian actress who used to work in the industry in early 70’s. She was born in 1957. Her birthplace is Kolkata. Sonali changed her name when she entered the film line. Her real name is Simanti. She comes from a Bengali family. Her father was a famous Bengali film director, Dinen Gupta.  He was a classic director and was awarded with National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali. Sonali’s mother was Koyel Gupta. She was also an actress in Bengali films. Sonali was called as “Bakul” by her parents. It’s a Bengali nickname, which her parents gave her. For schooling, she went to Andrews’s school, which was also in Kolkata. She completed her higher secondary examination from there only. Being from the family so close to film industry, it gave an edge to Sonali to start her profession in acting. Her first film was released in 1971 when she was 14 years old. The film was directed by her father Dinen Gupta. The film was very successful among the Bengali viewers. Her second film “Harmonium” came in 1976. It was a moderate movie and was not so much hit or popular among the viewers. Her next movie was “Sanai” which was a low budget movie and was again not so popular among the viewers. Her next movie was “Ek Je Chhilo Desh” directed by Tapan Sinha, was an award winning film. She then acted in two movies after a very long time in 1980. She did two films in 1980 and those were the last of her films. She was moderately popular and successful throughout her acting career. After the two films in 1980, she got married to Roberto Rossellini. He was a famous Italian film director. After her marriage, she retired from her film career. The couple has a daughter and a son and is living happily together.
Sonal Sehgal Hindi Actress

Sonal Sehgal

Sonal Sehgal is an Indian performer who appeared on the screen with the basically acclaimed 'Aashayein'. It was being directed by famous director Nagesh Kukunoor. She is thrown alongside John Abraham in this film with cancer being the focal topic. She played the mainstay and only ray of hope in the lead hero’ life. From there on, Sonal went ahead to star in movies like Damadam and Radio. "Radio" is based on  the relationship between a man, his current lady friend and his ex wife. The role of his ex wife was being played by Sonal.She likewise has appeared in the movie "Future to brilliant hai ji". It was a comedy drama woven around a couple who come to Mumbai to attempt their fortunes in Bollywood. It is a humorous record of their hardships. Despite being unsuccessful at the box office, the film received high ratings among film critics. Sonali too received appreciation from the film critics. Sonal is among those few performers who entered to the Bollywood film industry after an effective stretch in the TV business. She has featured in serials like 'Inn Kingston' and 'Saara Akash'. She played the role of the female lead in both the shows. She played totally differing characters in both the serials. In the serial Saara Akash she depicted the character of an undercover agent of IAF, however, in the end winds up losing her heart to a pilot. In the serial, in Hotel Kingston, she took over her father’s inn and then was in a complete confusion as to how she should run it.


Soni Razdan

She is an actress as well as a film director. She works in Bollywood industry. She was born in Birmingham, UK. She was born on 25 October 1956. Her mother was Gertrude Hoelzer and her father was N. Razdan who was a Hindu Kashmir pandit. She started her career from an English theater with john fowler’s “The collector”. She started her Hindi stage career with Satya Dev Dube’s adaption of “ No Exit” and “Band Darvaze”. She was then given a role of a character named “Sulochna” in a very hit TV series of that time “Buniyaad” which was used to premier on “Doordarshan” channel. Two other TV series in which she got the role was “Saahil” and “Gaatha”. In the year 2002, she directed a serial for the first time “Aur Phir Ek Din” on “Star Plus”. It was a takeoff on the “Michelle Pfeiffer-George Clooney” starrer “One Fine Day”. Her first movie in which she acted was released in 1981 and her latest movie was released in 2013. She has done numerous films in this time frame. Razdan and famous film director Mahesh Bhatt got in love with each other. They married in April, 1986. Their daughters are Shaheen Bhatt born in November 1988 and famous actress Alia Bhatt in March 1993. Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt are her step children. Shaheen Bhatt, her first daughter, is not in show business till now but her second daughter, Alia Bhatt has become a famous actress and a part of Bollywood industry. Razdan is married to Mahesh Bhatt and now living Mumbai with her family. 

Soni Razdan Hindi Actress