Sonali Gupta Hindi Actress
Sonali Gupta is an Indian actress who used to work in the industry in early 70’s. She was born in 1957. Her birthplace is Kolkata. Sonali changed her name when she entered the film line. Her real name is Simanti. She comes from a Bengali family. Her father was a famous Bengali film director, Dinen Gupta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Dinen Gupta . He was a classic director and was awarded with National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali. Sonali’s mother was Koyel Gupta. She was also an actress in Bengali films. Sonali was called as “Bakul” by her parents. It’s a Bengali nickname, which her parents gave her. For schooling, she went to Andrews’s school, which was also in Kolkata. She completed her higher secondary examination from there only. Being from the family so close to film industry, it gave an edge to Sonali to start her profession in acting. Her first film was released in 1971 when she was 14 years old. The film was directed by her father Dinen Gupta. The film was very successful among the Bengali viewers. Her second film “Harmonium” came in 1976. It was a moderate movie and was not so much hit or popular among the viewers. Her next movie was “Sanai” which was a low budget movie and was again not so popular among the viewers. Her next movie was “Ek Je Chhilo Desh” directed by , was an award winning film. She then acted in two movies after a very long time in 1980. She did two films in 1980 and those were the last of her films. She was moderately popular and successful throughout her acting career. After the two films in 1980, she got married to Roberto Rossellini. He was a famous Italian film director. After her marriage, she retired from her film career. The couple has a daughter and a son and is living happily together.