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Shaana Diya

Written By - Team Nettv4u

Shaana is a Bollywood artist, who hails from Kenya. She is a gorgeous personality with a height of 5'11" and a woman with movie stuff. She was born to a Gujarati mother from Kenya and a Hungarian Jew from Zurich. In spite of dealing with different nationalities, Shaana feels that her inner soul belongs to India. She has got a wide exposure to different people from a different race. Shaana has lived in many cities such as London, New York and Switzerland.

She got graduated in the field of theatre arts at Columbia University, NYC. As for her career, she has worked in a few movies such as 'To and From New York’, 'Bhoothnath’, 'Man Push Cart’, and 'Namaste London’. Shaana has also performed in some of the theatre arts such as 'Chaos Theory’, and 'Off Broadway- NYC’.

Shaana is also very much interested in writing articles and poems. Though she is not completely a writer, she gets a satisfied feeling when she writes whatever she feels. She has also written almost eight short poems. She feels that the writing induces a therapeutic feel for her.

Shaana is into the field of production as well. As a pure cinema enthusiast, she wants to bring out the real cinema. So she helped in producing two pieces of works, namely 'East is East’ and 'Living in Emergency’. While the former movie bagged a BAFTA award, the latter one became a successful documentary and got nominated for the prestigious Oscar awards as well.

She is currently working on the production of 'West is West’, that is a sequel of ‘East is East’. Shaana is more interested in producing films based on women and the movies that involve the topics of multi-coloured people. A movie based on the coal industry is in progress. Shaana got married to Uraaz Bahl, the chairman of Red Ladder Productions.


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