Bharti Jaffrey

Other names of Bharti Jaffrey: Bharti jaffery

Beautiful and elegant Bharti Jaffery is an actress in films and theaters. She is a daughter of great veteran Ashok Kumar Ashok Kumar hails from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. >> Read More... Ashok Kumar , who himself was a precious stone of Film gallery. The woman known for her passion for acting has done a lot of popular and acclaimed theater plays and mini-series in her life. Her career is marked by many milestones like she holds a distinction of being cast in a German International movie. The actress says she wants to keep the passion in her alive in one or the other way.

Bharti is the eldest daughter of Ashok Kumar and late Shobha Devi. Her love for both of them is witnessed many a time on several occasions. On the 100th birth anniversary of her father and Bollywood’s prized possession, the actress overwhelmingly expressed her thoughts. She told how close and in love her parents were. She expressed pride and honor in each word she speaks about her father. The actress also mentions about their arrange marriage and compatibility. She cites that they can be an inspiration to everyone.

Bharti Jaffery was seen in an Indian movie called ‘Daman’ (2001), directed and written by Kalpana Lajmi Kalpana Lajmi, India’s film director, producer and >> Read More... Kalpana Lajmi . The movie starred Raveena Tandon Raveena Tandon is an Indian film actress who is kn >> Read More... Raveena Tandon , Sayaji Shinde He is one of the most famous Tollywood and Bollywo >> Read More... Sayaji Shinde , and Sanjay Suri Sanjay Suri is known as an actor in Bollywood. The >> Read More... Sanjay Suri . The movie revolved around the hardship of woman. The movie left its special mark in the Hindi Film industry. Bharti played the character of a strong and powerful village woman. She played a supporting role, but she left a long lasting impact on audience’s memory. Critic world and all media professionals acclaimed her for the small but vital role she portrayed in the movie.

Bharti Jaffery belongs to a family where everyone has a nexus to Bollywood. Apart from her father Ashok Kumar, she is a niece of talented singer and actor late Kishore Kumar Kishore Kumar is an Indian playback singer, who ha >> Read More... Kishore Kumar . Her cousins are popular singers and actors of the film industry. Joy Mukherjee Born on 24 February 1939 Joy Mukherjee was not onl >> Read More... Joy Mukherjee and Deb Mukherjee Deb Mukherjee is an Indian actor who has mainly wo >> Read More... Deb Mukherjee were former actors in film industry whereas Amit Kumar Being the offspring of a famous parent is always >> Read More... Amit Kumar and Shomu Kumar are renowned singers.

Bharti’s daughter Anuradha Patel Those of us familiar with the film and TV scene in >> Read More... Anuradha Patel is also an actress. Like mother, Anuradha is extremely elegant and full of talent on the screen. She was last seen in the movie called ‘Ready,' starring Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan and Asin as the main lead. Anuradha is married to Kanwaljit Singh Kanwaljit Singh is an Indian Television and film a >> Read More... Kanwaljit Singh , who is an experienced actor. This couple has three children; Mariam, Aditya, and Siddharth.

Bhanumati Devi Hindi Actress

Bhanumati Devi

Bhanumati Devi – Daughter of Sarati Pattnaik and Pattadei, was born in Burma also an Indian theatre actress, who later with her excellency of skills has become the legendary theatre actress. She’s born in Burma during the British rule, later settled in Puri, India after the World War II. Her first debut on stage was made in her childhood at the age of seven, and her eminence in action were allured for roles like Lakhye Hira, Napahu Rati and Namaru Pati. At the age of 19, Amari Gann Jhia was her 1st debut movie. Her pinnacle era had started when she began acting at the Cuttack theatre of Annapurna Studios, for more than 40 jubilant years as her integral part in the studio. Most industrious actress of Odiyan film industry during 1950 – 1960, where she has played the lead female role, in a dozen films. Most prominent roles which brought her renowned admiration are Harabou in 1966 (Odian Film), Matira Manisha, Mrinal Sen’s visionary film on a social cause that brought her the National Film Award. A few of the awards that she has received are for her last film Jaydeb, 1986, namely Odisha State Film Award. She had also won the Odisha State Film Award and Sangeet Natak Academy Award in 1985. She had received the prestigious award of the state, the Life Time Achievement – Jaydev Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. She tied knots with Harihara Panda during her teenage, and he encouraged her to act in the films.  They have a daughter named Swarnalata, who is now a happily married woman with her mother’s unforgettable memories in her heart. This veteran actress due to a mild illness, left the world, on 4th January 2013, at the age of 88 ruling the stage for over a period of 4 decades and her body was taken to the Swargdwar, where her Grandparents remains were buried. With a huge people’s condolences for the great human being and well known stage actor many mourned her death and she had the last respects performed, by her daughter.