Sajid Hasan

Other names of Sajid Hasan: Sajid Hassan
Sajid Hasan Hindi Actor

This Pakistan-based actor has some remarkable works in the field of world cinema and acting. He was born in Karachi. Debuting in the year 1980, he started up with the small screen. With his performances in many television serials in Urdu, he had grasped the mind of the audience with his acting skill. The most famous series where he performed was “Khalij”. Besides, his performance as a comedian was acknowledged by all in “ Dhoop Kinare Story soon >> Read More... Dhoop Kinare ” by Haseena Moin Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Haseena Moin , which was a drama. However, this actor had an active involvement in the writing of plays and scripts.

Some of his remarkable works involve “Kuchuwa Aur Khargosh” and “Gum”. Sajid also initiated breaking down the India-Pakistan barrier in the world of television and cinema. He started to work in Indian on the small screen. Marina Khan Marina Khan is a well-known television actress fro >> Read More... Marina Khan along with Sajid presented themselves on Indian television in 1997 with “ Tanha Tanha was a drama series which was telecasted by S >> Read More... Tanha ”. He made his first step into the silver screen in the year 2004, which portrayed him in a villainous cast. He went ahead with performing in “Pehla Pehla Pyaar” and made a step forward in the international silver screen with Angelina Jolie’s “Mighty Heart”.

He has been the proud winner of the 1st Indus Drama Awards in the year 2005 in the category of the Best Sitcom Drama Writer while being the nomination for the Best Director category in the same. He has also been the winner of Lux Style Award for the Best Actor category for his performance in Terrestrial. Sajid Hasan is being married for quite some years and is a proud father of a son. The actor has still not shunned down his on-screen performances.

He still continues to perform in some of the on-going popular TV serials like “Jannat Se Nikali Hui Aurat” which is being aired on Geo TV regularly.