Sahil Khan

Other names of Sahil Khan: Saahil Khan, Sahil Style Khan, Style Boy, Indian Rambo

Sahil Khan, is a popular figure who can be seen in Bollywood films and he is an Indian actor whose debut film was done in the year 2001 which was ‘ Style Click to look into! >> Read More... ’. Although he was born to an Indian father and a Chinese mother in the area of Kolkata, he was brought up in Delhi. He initially entered into this industry via a musical video named as ‘Nachange Sari Raat’ and later on in his life a director saw him in another video and he was then offered his first feature film.

His initial film was ‘Style’ where he played the lead in the comedy it entailed in the year 2001. Since this film was a hit in the market, he was sought after by directors and given more work and he thus followed up his debut appearance by acting in ‘Shortcut’, and then the sequel to ‘Style’ which was also done in 2003 and was named as ‘Xcuse Me’. He appeared in ‘Double Cross’ in the year 2005 and furthermore in the year 2009 he worked in the film ‘ Aladdin Aladdin - Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek brings to you the >> Read More... ’. Other movies of Sahil Khan include ‘Rama: The Saviour’ and also in ‘ The Great Khali He was known to be the only WWE wrestler to knock- >> Read More... ’. Other than that he also works for the development of sports in the Indian market.