Naresh Gosain is known mostly for his comic timing in movies. He is a senior actor in this film industry. He was seen in commercials, theatres and movies also. He has marked his place in every platform he has worked. Not only in comedy but he did his best in serious roles as well. The actor was seen in small but effective roles in many movies. His good performance in one movie bagged his role in another, and it continued.

He was seen in ‘ Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! Click to look into! >> Read More... ’(2008), directed by Dibaakar Banerjee; ‘ Ankhon Dekhi Click to look into! >> Read More... ’(2013), directed by Rajat Kapoor Rajat Kapoor was born on 11 th February 1961, in D >> Read More... ; ‘ Siddharth Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... ’(2013) directed by Richie Mehta Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and ‘NH10’.

Nafe Khan Hindi Actor

Nafe Khan

After featuring in a number of modelling campaigns, Nafe Khan came to Bollywood in the year 2008 with the aspiration of becoming an actor. He made his acting debut with the film ‘WORLD CUP 2011’ and the movie hit the Box-office in the year 2009. After that he appeared in ‘Sai Ek Prerna’ and renowned actress ‘Gracy Singh’ was featured opposite him. Leaving behind uncountable tough competitors, he managed to grab roles in Hindi movies like ‘Maksad’ and ‘Mumbai Shooters’ (2012). With his expertise Nafe landed roles in ‘Bhaag Kaha Tak Bhagega’, ‘The Forest Night’ and ‘Rascal Romance’. He was featured in film ‘Aahinsa’ and ‘Kaashvi Kanchan’ was casted opposite her. Yusuf Ali Khan a friend of Nafe approached him for the role of a rude butcher after narrating him the story. And as the concept incurs interest in him he immediately agreed to play the role. The story is written on a true incident, relating Cow killing in Uttar Pradesh. He has also done theatres for two years. He was also a part of much appreciated Short film ‘I can live without you’ that was directed by Tariq Bhatt. This short film that was produced by ‘M N Thakur’ also won esteemed award. His native soil is Bhopal and he was also attributed with the title of “Mr. Bhopal” as well as “Mr. MP in bodybuilding”. ‘Rishton Ki Zanjeer’ and ‘Teri Fitrat’ are among his upcoming projects that are on the floor now. He believes acting is something that comes within that’s why he never felt the urge to join any acting class.


Navin Nischol

Born on 11th April 1946, Navin Nishcol is an actor from India. He entered the Hindi film industry with Sawan Badon during the year 1970. This film also marked the entry of Rekha. This film was commercially successful and Nischol was one of the sought out actors since then for many years. Navin Nischol had his studies at the Bangalore Military School. A commendable fact is that, he was the first one to get gold medal, which was granted by the Film and Television Institute of India. His earlier films Dhund and Victoria No. 203 were among his superhits, but it was the film Hanste Zakhm which was the turning point in his career. The 1970s were in favor of this veteran; he was the happening actor at that time. His chocolate boy image also did well to him. Some of the songs of his films worked in favor of him. Nischol made his screen presence felt for over a decade. After acting in lead roles Nischol worked in character roles. Khosla Ka Khosla and Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman was a couple of films in which he played the supporting role. His stint in television turned successful as he acted in some television serials. He was a household name with the serial Dekh Bhai Dekh. Nischol was called as “Poor man’s Rajesh Khanna”. Nischol had also acted in a couple of Punjabi films. His first marriage with Neelu Kapur, sibling of Shekar Kapur was not successful. Later Nischol wedded Gitanjali who was also a divorcee. Geetanjali resorted to suicide and Nischol was blamed for that along with his brother. Navin Nischol also tried his luck in the production of a Hindi film, but it was shelved eventually for reasons best known to him. He breathed his last at the age of 65 following a heart attack.

Navin Nischol Hindi Actor