Gul Hamid

Other names of Gul Hamid: Gul Hamid

Gul Hamid is an Indian Actor and director who especially worked in Bollywood film industry. He was born in Pirpilai village that existed near the Kabul River of North East Province which was a part of British India, later occupied by Pakistan. He gathered much honour to his credit. He played the lead role in first produced Punjabi Film Heer Ranjha and Bollywood silent film Seeta which screened in Venice film festival in 1934 and that was the first ever Indian film to be featured in an International film festival. Saif Ullah Khan was his father. He had three brothers. Gul Hamid got married to his co-star and former famous celebrity Patience Cooper Patience Cooper was an Angolo-Indian, who was born >> Read More... Patience Cooper . But later due to some conflicts they got divorced and Hamid married Sabra Begum.

In 1936, Hamid died due to severe Hodgkin’s disease. A.R. Kardar cast Gul Hamid in 1930 Silent movie Safdar Jung and the audience appreciated his performance so much. This film made him popular all over the British India and marked the beginning of his film career. His films Wandering Dancer and Atish-E-Ishq released in 1931 and the critics appreciated these two films. In 1932, he bagged the character of Ranjha in the first ever Punjabi Language film Heer Ranjha.

This film was directed by A.R. Kardar and the entire shooting of this film took place in Lahore. His film Yahudi Ki Ladki was released in 1933. The plot of this film was adapted from the play Yahudi ki Ladki written by Agha Hashar Kashmiri Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Agha Hashar Kashmiri . Hamid then played a character in a film named Seeta directed by Debaki Bose Debaki Bose aka Debaki Kumar Bose is a Hindi film >> Read More... Debaki Bose and produced by East India Film Company. The audience and the critics appreciated that film in 1934 Venice Film Festival. His other films released in 1934 were Chandragupta, Sultana and Night Bird.

1935 was a remarkable year of Gul Hamid’s film career because many of his famous films released that year. Rattan Bai Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rattan Bai was his heroine in two films that are Karwan-E-Hayat and Bharat ki Beti. His other notable films which released in 1935 are Souteli Maa, Bidrohi, Murderer, Yashmin, and Saleema. Only three films released in 1936 and in those three films Hamid played the lead role. He directed and acted in the film Khyber Pass in which his wife played the female lead. He acted in three films with his wife those are Murderer, Baghi Sipahi, and Khyber Pass. His acting career was not limited in Lahore only because later he moved to Bombay and Kolkata where he worked in a couple of silent films. Due to some severe throat ailment, he died in 1936.