Garrick Chaudhary

Other names of Garrick Chaudhary: Garric Chaudhury

Garrick Chaudhary worked as an actor in the Hindi film industry. He has appeared in the Hindi- Urdu written movie Dozakh in Search of Heaven in 2015. He appeared in the role of Janu. The film was directed and written by Zaigham Imam, and it was premiered at the Kolkata International Film in the year of 2013. The film is an adaption of a book named exactly as the title of the film. The movie has got a good response from the industry and achieved many recognizations on international platforms.

Firdous Bamji Hindi Actor

Firdous Bamji

The next time you hear an audio book being recited; please consider the voice and Google the name! Firdous Bamji is an Indian actor who predominantly works in theaters. He was born in Mumbai and raised up in Bahrain, and North Carolina as well. He completed his schooling at Kodaikanal International School, a famous American boarding school. He recalls his days at the boarding school and mentions, how he was the only Indian amongst his classmates. He also recalls how he was inclined towards acting since a child. He says he was into stage plays since grade VI and has been actively participating since then. There has been no stopping for the actor. He has appeared in various plays in New York and far beyond the country. The world over, his plays are noted not only by his audience but by many play writer as well. Having successfully appeared in American premiers of brilliant playwrights like Tony Kushner, Eric Bogosian, Tom Stoppard and Rebecca Gilman, Firdous has also had a chance to appear in some television series, such as “Law and Order” and a sequel to it “Law and Order: SVU.” He has also acted in several famous movies, some of them being “The Sixth Sense”, “Unbreakable” and “Analyze That.” In 2006, Firdous was nominated for his supporting actor role in the movie “The War Within”, for an Independent Spirit Award. Over time, his theater skills have proved to him that he can be an excellent narrator as well. So of his well known narrated books are: “The Hungry Tide” by Amitav Ghosh, “The Assassin’s Song” by M.G Vassanji, and “Camille” by Alexander Dumas. Bamji is one of those dedicated actors who have given their life to theater. To them, the theater is an art and a medium of expressing themselves. “A Disappearing Number” was his new piece of work, in which he was involved since 2007, working over it in Europe, and showcasing in theaters, in Germany, Holland, Vienna, and finally in Barbican Theatre at West End which was house full and had a sold out outboard on the first day itself. Produced by the group The British Complicit, the play was directed by Simon McBurney. Firdous portrayed the role of Al Cooper. The play received numerous awards like the Lawrence Oliver Award, Critics Circle Award for Best Play of the Year 2007, and The Evening Standard Award. Firdous married Hayley Mills. They live in New York and London.


Gaurav Pandey

Gaurav Pandey is an agile actor. He was born on 5th January 1990 in delhi and completed his schooling from The SelaQui school, Dehradun. He was doing majors in Business management in California, but soon a dim realization dawned upon him and he got that he has to work in such a field where he can apply his creative skills. Apart from commerce he was studying fine arts. He left behind his management studies and came to Mumbai on 10th may 2009. He joined an institute named as ‘ creating characters’ and soon gave auditions for various commercial advertisements. Fortunately, he got an opportunity to work for many big brands such as colgate, Volkswagen, olx etc. His first advertisement being that of a soft drink where he had to mimic Rajnikant. He believes because of his advertisement, he got to work in films an opportunity. His debut was Humpty Sharma Ki Duhlaniya where he played the role of a best friend (Shaunty) of Humpty ( Varun Dhawan). The film proved to be the turning point for his career in film industry. Since the film got huge reception he got many opportunities further. He got an opportunity to work for Yash Raj’s first web series man’s world that proved to be a great platform for him to show cast his skills as well as talent. The series got huge reception too. ‘since the series was based on a different concept that had never ever happen before it was an honour for me to work for the same, said gaurav pandey in one of his exclusive interview. He was fortunate enough to work in film the Flying Jatt where he worked with many talented personalities. His skills and passion helped him to step the ladder of success. He revealed during one of his interview that he is a great fan of WWE since he was a child. Also he is calculative about his work and is so focused that he wished to have a fan –star relationship with his fans and impress them with his creativity in skill. He believes that new breed of actress such as Shraddha Kapoor, Anushka Sharma are more talented and wished to work with them all. Also, he wish to work with Imtiaz Ali. He is inspired by the movie 3 idiots and follow the message of following passion given by movie. He followed his passion so much so that success started touching his feet . Indians are hardcore film addicts that they almost worship their favourite stars. Such an incidence happened with Gaurav Pandey, who started expreincing fan frenzy. When a young girl from agra came to see him at his house. she stood outside his house to propose him. Gaurav was touched with this show cast of her affection. He tried to calm her down by giving her his autograph. While having conversation with her, he came to know that she has eloped from her home to Mumbai just to meet him. Gaurav immediately called her parents and told them about their daughter’s safety. This revealed that he is a gentleman to the core. He felt happy to bring a smile on the face of his fan. Also he felt speechless for her affection towards him. Gaurav believes that this is just the starting and there is more to come. We wish him all the best.

Gaurav Pandey Hindi Actor