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Zaigham Imam Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 10-12-1982
  • Age : 40
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Zaigham Imam, an Indian filmmaker and author, is popularly known for his movie Dozakh - In Search of Heaven. He is a writer of immense knowledge, skills and talent who has written two novels, which has garnered both critical as well as public praise and reviews.

Aged 34, the Uttar Pradesh born author has achieved many applause for his unconventional yet interesting stories. His strong view-point on religion and communal disparities both in India and abroad has made him an ideal role model of secularism for many in our country. He has famously said in an interview that Indian film industry has commercialized religion in movies. He aims to change the society's pre-conceived notions on religion and caste and promote peace among each and every citizen. His strong believes are showcased in his books and works. He has worked on many television shows as a writer.

The Varanasi author worked as a media professional for various reputed and well-known news media channels and newspapers. Most notably, he has worked for daily newspaper publications like Amar Ujala and popular Hindi news channel Aaj Tak. He worked in the field of journalism for 8 years before he turned his attention into writing fiction. After he left his news media occupation, he started writing fictional stories and plots. He went on to write two successful novels named Dozakh and Meri Muhabbat. His works in television shows has also given him laurels. He wrote television series like Looteri Dulhan and Agni Pareeksha Jeevan Ki - Gangaa among others. He also wrote in the Fox History Channel India show India Investigates. The show was a popular Fox network series.

Zaigham’s first film, Dozakh - In Search of Heaven, was based on his first novel of the same name. The Indian movie faced many controversies with its release as it was rejected twice by the Censor Board of India. Finally, it was screened at the 2013 Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF), and was critically praised for its storyline and moral. The movie promoted communal harmony and had the power to influence the society's mindset and thinking in a positive way. Zaigham Imam got a lot of applause for his first directorial venture. The Hindi Urdu movie starred actors Lalit Mohan Tiwari Television and film actor Lalit Mohan Tiwari decid >> Read More... Lalit Mohan Tiwari and Pawan Tiwari.

After attaining small yet critical recognition in Bollywood movie industry, Zaigham Imam is currently working on his second movie. His second movie, like his first one, is based on his book. Meri Muhabbat, is his second novel which he will adapt into a movie.