Daily soaps on T.V.? Nah. YouTube is the place where all digital age youngsters login into whenever they are in need of entertainment. And why not choose YouTube? After all, you don’t have to keep a particular time to watch a particular show, you have to sit through hardly one or two advertisements, there’s fresh and amazing content and a chance to give immediate feedback to the channel. Moreover, as most You Tubers are youngsters, people relate more to what they are portraying on their channels. Well, if even you are a YouTube junkie, then you must have to look at this fresh face who is creating some really good YouTube shows. Prajakta Koli, a YouTube star of 2 years, is gaining immense popularity among Indian youth for her humorous, entertaining and creative content.

Her channel, “MostlySane” recently gained 110,000 subscribers. Prajakta, a 23 year old young lady from Mumbai, created her channel Mostly Sane in 2012, named “5 Types of Singles on Valentine’s Day”. Now, 2 years and 100,000 subscribers later, her latest video was a vlog about her recent trip to Delhi. Prajakta, or Praju as her friends call her mostly makes funny videos. She also does personal vlogs, question answer sessions and meet and greet for her followers. She possesses a quirky sense of humor, with a hint of motivation and lots of cuteness. What makes her videos so popular is that she takes up random, extremely unexciting situation and turns it into something funny. This is why she gained a hundred thousand subscribers in a mere span of 2 years. As a young girl, Prajakta wanted to be a RJ.

In fact, she worked in a radio station for a while before quitting to start her own YouTube channel. While she was a RJ, she posted a couple of videos with Hritik Roshan on Instagram, who was on her radio show to promote his movie. The videos were hilarious and bizarre, hence, people liked them a lot. One of the videos caught the eye of Sudeep Lahiri of One Digital Entertainment who convinced her to start her own YouTube channel. Initially, her parents were skeptical about her choice of career, but as she proved how good she was, they were quite happy. After all, her first video gained a thousand views when it was uploaded and now, her average viewership is approximately one lakh. If you haven’t checked out this young and amazing YouTube personality yet, then click on this link right away. Happy watching!