Sapna Bhavnani

Other names of Sapna Bhavnani: Sapna Bhavani, sappu
Sapna Bhavnani Hindi Actress
Sapna Bhavnani is an Indian hairstylist also known for her work in fashion, writing, directing and reality television. She got famous during the Bigg Boss Bigg Boss Tamil is the Tamil language version of t >> Read More... Bigg Boss Season 6 due to her differences with the host Salman Khan Salman Khan is a very famous Indian actor and a pr >> Read More... Salman Khan . Apart from that she has also directed a couple of Bollywood music videos including Kailash Kher Kailash Kher was born on 7 July, 1973 in New Delhi >> Read More... Kailash Kher ’s single “Amber Tak Yahi Naad Goonjega” and appeared in short roles in Bollywood films.
Sapna Bhavnani was born on January 5, 1971 in Bombay, India. She was raised in Bandra where she did her schooling. At the age of 18, her father passed away. Due to financial hardships the family had to move to the United States to her aunt. It was in the States that she developed an interest in hairdressing and took it as a profession. In 2006, she relocated to India and married a man she used to date in her teens. The marriage however did not last and they eventually divorced.
Sapna Bhavnani settled in Mumbai and did a job as a hairdresser in a couple salons before she opened her own salon Mad-O-Wat. Her business flourished and soon she was working with celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Born on 18 July 1982, Priyanka Chopra is an establ >> Read More... Priyanka Chopra , Virat Kohli Virat is counted amongst the very best players, th >> Read More... Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni to name a few. In 2010 she set up her own production house by the name of Mad-O-Wat Productions. Her company has since taken important and noteworthy projects like the Project Unite, attempting to re-record the national anthem, the music video/film named Snare which featured Raghu Ram Raghu Ram is an Indian TV fame who is famous for h >> Read More... Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman Rajiv Laxman is known for his nasty image from the >> Read More... Rajiv Laxman , and the Kailash Kher single “Amber Tak Yahi Naad Goonjega”.
She also acted in Bollywood films like Pyaar ke Side Effects Click to look into! >> Read More... Side Effects and Ugly Aur Pagli Click to look into! >> Read More... Ugly Aur Pagli . But it was the reality Tv show Bigg Boss that made her famous. Although she got evicted just a week before the finale her mutual differences with the host Salman Khan gained considerable attention.
Another Version Of This Bio:
A Celebrity Hairstylist, Sapna Bhavnani was born on January 5th, 1971 in Mumbai. Her familial routes belong to Pakistan. She was brought up by her parents in the Bollywood City of India and completed her schooling from there. It's believed that in childhood, Sapna was a like-minded girl, possessing a sharp intellect and exhibiting a Tomboyish Attitude. She was forever seen on the motor-cycle, playing pranks with peers. She claims that she herself made use of the Chloroform to make her father nauseatic and fall asleep. Basic aim was to escape from the house late night and enjoy with friends. However, her father passed away when she was of legal age. Her father owned a chain of Chinese Restaurants of Bombay like Blue Nile, and Wongs. However, with his expiry Sapna's family landed into acute monetary crisis and financial hardships which led her to withdraw from college and move to The United States.

She then got herself admitted at a Business School and graduated earning Specialisation in dual disciplines primarily Marketing and Communication. She sufficed her living by working in an Italian Restaurant as a Waitress. However, amidst such fate, she gathered the courage to take up and pursue her dream career of becoming a hairstylist. A Little later, she explained to herself that by the time she grew 30 years old, she wanted a house of her own in the hills, and of course a good looking boyfriend like Elvis. She was very strong about her goals and went on to attain her dream of leading an American Lifestyle.

However, she decided to return back to her motherland, India after a span of six years in 2002. While on her way, she encountered a man whom she had known since her teens. He used to be her boyfriend at that time and made her believe the fact that he had desperately waited for her and haven't moved on. Hearing this, she left behind the empire she had built for herself in The United States selling off her property, car, Boyfriend and flew to India. However, despite severe attempts their relationship couldn't work but by this time, Sapna developed a liking for the city that had seen her grow.

She then embarked on her career journey despite facing an acute competition every day and struggles to establish her. She joined a Salon named Juice as a Hairdresser. She pursued her love for writing and thus, began working in a local daily, Mumbai Mirror Click to look into! >> Read More... Mumbai Mirror as a columnist. She continued the job for three years. After this, she joined a news firm Mid-day, publishing her articles every week. Fate accompanied her and her business flourished. In partnership with five business men, she flagged her first ever Salon named Mad-O-Wot located at the Carter Road, Bombay. She then located herself at Bandra and inaugurated her next Salon in Andheri. She made efforts to shift her first store ever store to a new location and called to inaugurate it.

With this, she laid a strong foundation for herself in the Film Industry and are well-known among topmost people belonging to different arena's may it be Politics, Sports or Cinema and Business. She is associated to most reputed celebrities of Bollywood and many of them are her regular clients for example Hollywood's Spotlight Priyanka Chopra, the Great Dancer Hritik Roshan, Famous Kohli and the Captain of Indian Cricket Team M.S. Dhoni, and the sensational Gauri Khan Born on Ocotber 8 1970, Gauri Khan (originally kno >> Read More... Gauri Khan among many others. She made her debut in hairstyling by designing different hair styles for Ranveer Singh Ranveer Singh Bhavnani is an Indian movie actor wh >> Read More... Ranveer Singh in the movie Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl.

She in 2010 took upon spreading her wings by setting up a Production firm named after her first salon, Mad-O-Wot with the primary motive of innovating and directing videos, commercials etc. She also aimed to inculcate diverse and budding talented youth. She was tilted towards highlighting social issues and worked upon them. Her most notable works are laid below. She aspired to record the National Anthem, playing in a background that depicts ordinary Indians on Streets. Her Brainchild project featured on the Indian Freedom Day, 15th of August, 2010. She then engaged herself in the production of her next Music Video that was dedicated to the Anti-corruption Movement initiated by Crusader, Anna Hazare. Kailash Kher was roped in to sing for the video.

Soon, she began working on her next play Titled Nirbhaya, that depicted the 2012 gang rape case of a Delhi Girl and depicter the misery and pain she underwent and the reaction of the government authorities to deal with this situation that got created in Delhi, soon engulfing the entire nation and also the actions taken by the Fast Track Courts to grant Justice to her. The play was screened at the Film Festival, Edinburgh in 2013. The play won Freedom of Expression Award by Amnesty International, a Body that works towards unearthing gender-violence and increasing knowledge of Human Rights.

She is an active participant at the PETA and campaigns for making people deal with animals considering Humanity. She shot for a short advertisement film, Cut Hair, Not Frogs. She also participated in the season 6 of Big Boss that aired on Colors TV Channel. As far as we know about her character, she has got the knack of styling and has a liking for bodily piercings and tattoos inspired by tribes and Goths. She has a great taste for wearing jet Black and also keeping short coloured hair. She credits her mother for being with her at every point of time and supporting her relentlessly. She says that her only aim in life is to fly and stay happy. Presently, she addresses herself to be single. However, she has had three marriages in the past which couldn’t survive due to incompatibility and lack of understanding. Sapna is a very strong personality and exhibits great love for Wild Cats.