Anna Singh was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She is a very popular Indian designer as far as the fashion is concerned. She did a lot of incredible designs that is highly beneficial for the Bollywood film industry. She had done the core design of the costumes of lots of famous heroines and it had made a significant impact as a whole. This apparently shows the quality of work she had done for the Hindi film industry. 

She had designed for many popular heroines like , who made a revolutionary appeal as a model in 2010. Her contribution also made the Commonwealth sports a grand success as far as the costume department is concerned. All the actors and actresses who were a part of the event were ravishing with the costumes designed by Anna Singh. Her achievement is always her immense growth, which had made a big difference.

She had designed the costumes for many successful Bollywood movies. Her designs happen out to be the symbol of pride for many prominent movies in the Bollywood film industry. The best part of the stylist is that she was responsible in the design department of many successful events. She has done designs for more than nine hundred movies. This is a huge achievement for the actress to have done such an exemplary job. 

She has been quite active in the industry for about fifteen years. Her dedication in the work is the key for taking her to this position. Femina Miss India is a prestigious contest and she played a key role in it. She designed for many famous artists in the event and especially Femina Miss India happened out to be a huge responsibility that was accomplished by Anna Singh. As a costume designer, she has done great jobs and proved out to be a great inspiration for the forthcoming designers.