DJ Sheizwood

Other names of DJ Sheizwood: Dj Shezwood

DJ Sheizwood was born in Haridwar. He is an Indian Disco Jockey. Since his childhood, he was interested in music. He is also a music director. He has been in the DJ industry for more than seven years. He has successfully remixed and produced lot of songs. He is one of the popular DJa in India. His genre includes pop, commercial house, and Bollywood. It also sometimes includes Bhangra.

He is an outstanding DJ who brought two contrasting worlds together. He remixed 101 albums in just seven years. His music starred famous celebrities like Mika Singh, Rakhi Sawant, Poonam Jhawar. It also stares Mumait Khan and Meghna Maidu. His made his debut in “Tum Hi Hamari Manzil” music video. The video was praised all over the world. It was widely downloaded on the internet.

In India, DJ Sheizwood was the first one to introduce House Music. Universal, T- series, Venus, HMV and other record labels prefer his music. His famous works include Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon, Sutta Mix, Haadsa. His other works include Budha Mil Gaya, Something Something, and Supergirl. These sold a million copies.

On some occasions, he performed along with Dr. Severed of Uk and Dr. Neil. In many countries, he represented as Bollywood House Producer. DJ Sheizwood also rocked Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Calcutta with his music. Some rock bands also combine and jam and perform with him all over the world. He featured ten popular celebrities in his album Don King. The album is receiving wonderful reviews everywhere. DJ Sheizwood composed music for Rock album Tere Shaher Main. The video features Sayali Bhagat. He featured Mausmi Udesi in the album Harjai- True Emotions. He was the music director of War of Bombay 26/11 and Nakshatra movies.

DJ Sheizwood is the only music director cum DJ in India. He is also a model and singer. In 6 years, he produced 75 successful music albums. He composed hit songs for actresses like Rakhi Sawant, Sheena Nayyar, Nandhini Jumani. He recently received 18th Journalist Award for his extraordinary bestowal to pop music. It was presented to him in Delhi at Ashoka Hotel in an event by Shri Oscar Fernandes. He was also honored the NBC award in Mumbai by Shri Chagan Bhujbal some time ago. DJ Sheizwood is currently living in Mumbai. His Facebook page has nearly forty thousand likes. DJ Sheizwood is a startling DJ in India.



Akbar Sami Hindi Actor

Akbar Sami

Akbar Sami (DJ Akbar Sami) is a well-known music producer as well as a music director in the Hindi film industry. He is better known as the “remix guru “of the industry. He rose to stardom with his initial remix album, “Jalwa”. He has made music for various films and also released many albums of his own. The Hindi movie ‘Fast Forward’ was his first film as a music director. From there on, it was one hit after another as all of the songs or albums that he released topped the charts. He has made music for a countless number of films, which are still being hummed on by the people. He is especially noted for his albums ‘Jadoo’ and ‘Jalwa II’. He is also well appreciated for many of his Bollywood hits like “Jalwa”, “Paisa Ye Paisa”, “Just Chill” and “Ashiq Banaya Aapne”. He has reigned to the top, with his hits. He is a well-loved figure for he was the one who introduced India to remixing and DJ style. Akbar Sami served as a judge in the ‘All India Folk Mix Competition’ which was organized by Radio Mirchi and Kingfisher. He was also seen as a jury member in the Mirchi Music Awards for the years 2010 and 2011. He also tried an out of the box idea as he appeared in a guest role in the film ‘Qasam Se Qasam Se’. He had been recognized for his works and talents globally when he won the All-Asian DJ Championship in the year 1989, the DJ Awards for the years 1992, 1993 and 1996. He has also won Channel V’s Best Indian Club DJ for two consecutive years (1989 and 1999). Akbar Sami has a unique talent to merge and create remixes of entirely different tracks, and yet to create a track out of that that flows in perfect harmony. He has poured out himself for all those music lovers and still continues to spread his unique magic.