Ek Kahani Julie Ki means Story of Julie is a psycho thriller Hindi movie This movie is a glimpse of movie actors and actress in the present world The main cri

Ek Kahani Julie Ki Movie Review

Ek Kahani Julie Ki Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Ek Kahani Julie Ki"
Runtime: 2 Hours 20 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 09-09-2016
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime
3 / 5.0



Ek Kahani Julie Ki means Story of Julie is a psycho thriller Hindi movie. This movie is a glimpse of movie actors and actress in the present world. The main critic reviews are yet to be available as the movie is all set to release on September 09, 2016. The review of the trailer is all about the lead actress Rakhi Sawant. There is a positive reaction for the music in the movie composed by Dj Sheizwood and the voices of Arjith Singh and Arman Malik. The songs have got a nice depth and feel. There are reviews also were given about the acting of Rakhi Sawant as she is a fabulous actress and as entertaining as ever. Though there is a positive review this movie’s trailer also has got negative feedbacks because of its un- wanted dialogues and un- conditional timings of songs. But it attracted the viewers because of its opening dialogue which is most philosophical. Though it has got negative feedback, the main review of the movie is given as fabulous because of its sensible trailer.


The main theme of the story is of acting background. There is a saying that “All glitters are not gold”, this same applies to the movie. As seen on the outer part the actors have glory, but on the inner part, they also face many problems. The same has been screen played in the movie which is the story of a Bollywood actress and model Sheena Bora. It is a recent case of murder which has been viral in the Bollywood. In this Rakhi Sawant played the lead role with Amit Mishra. This movie is produced by the producers of Chetna Entertainments.

Star Performances: 

The main actors in the movie gave their best for the movie. The director Aziz Zee also gave his best in presenting the movie. The movie has got an overall performance in everything including songs.


It was felt that the story had been loosely held in the movie. There is no proper organisation of the parts in the story. Though the story of the movie is the story of Sheena Bora, it barely relates to her real story. Though it makes the viewer sit for the thrilling climax part of the story the climax is not thrilling in the movie as it ends casually disappointing the spectators. Most of the twists and turns in the story are showed when it is not expected to happen. Thus it has got an average review because of its mistakes and the sick direction of the movie using experienced actors. The spectators expect for a thrill in the story which will be seen in the beginning parts of the movie instead of the ending part of the movie.

What’s there?

  • This movie has got a fabulous action from the lead actress Rakhi Sawant.
  • She is already a famous actress and has made a mind- blowing action.
  • This movie also has got some heart touching dialogues which attracted the viewers with its dialogues only.
  • The songs are fabulous in the movie which is also an added advantage.

What’s not there?

  • The lead actress Rakhi Sawant is famous for her breaking voice. But in this movie, she did not dub her voice.
  • She has got a soft voice in the movie, which is a bit astonishing and also dis- appointing for her fans. It is felt by her fans that it would have been better if she has used her voice, as everyone got used to her original voice.


The viewers can enjoy the acting of Rakhi Sawant which was a commendable performance, excepting her voice which has been dubbed by other voice. Beyond that, there was nothing else that could be enjoyed in the movie. The only thing that is being enjoyed the whole movie is the background music that dominated the story of the movie also.