He was born on 20th of April in the year 1908. He is called as Vajahat Mirza and Wajahat Mirza Changezi. He was an Indian film director and also a writer who had written the dialogues for many blockbusters during the period from 1950’s to 1960’s. He became famous for the movie ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ that was released in the year 1960 and was also a nominee for the Academy Award for the film ‘Mother India’ that was released in the year 1957. He was born in a small town named Sitapur that was located at a distance of 89 Km from Lucknow. When he was in Government Jubilee Inter College, he had familiarized himself with a famous cinematographer based in Calcutta named Krishan Gopal. After getting himself familiarized he had worked as his assistant director. Later on, he had co-produced a film named ‘Anookhi Mohabbat’ along with Midgan Kumar, who was a very famous singer and the production work was done in Bombay. He had made his career as a dialogue writer and was the first among the Indians to get nominated for the Oscar in the year 1957 for the movie named ‘Mother India’. It is based on the story written by Babubhai Mehta.

He worked as a director for a few movies ‘Swaminath’ starring Keki Adajania and was released in the year 1942, ‘Jawani’ starring Husn Banu in the year 1942 and ‘Prabhu Ka Ghar’ in the year 1945. He had written the scripts and dialogues for many movies rather than directing them. One of the movies being ‘Yahudi Ki Ladki’ released in the year1933. The other being ‘Hum Tum Aur Who’ in the year 1938. The next one being ‘Watan’ in the same year. The other one being ‘ Aurat Aurat that is, the woman was another show that was >> Read More... Aurat ’ in the year 1940. The next one being ‘Prabhu Ka Ghar’ in the year 1945. The other one being ‘Aawaz’ in the year 1956 and finally,‘Mother India’ an Oscar-nominated movie in the year 1957. The others being ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ in the year 1960, ‘ Kohinoor Click to look into! >> Read More... Kohinoor ’ in the same year, ‘Ganga Jamuna’ in the year 1961 and many more. He received the award for the Best Dialogue category in the Filmfare, a very prestigious award festival for all the movie artists.

He was awarded twice for ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ in the year 1961 and also for ‘Ganga Jamuna’ in the year 1962. He was also given the ‘Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Award’, a very special award for the Bengal Film Industry, and was awarded for the movie ‘Ganga Jamuna’. Out of his 50 years of career in the Film Industry, he was the dialogue writer for almost thirty-one movies. He worked as a screenplay director for six movies and the story writer for two movies and in his early life he had directed five movies. He left this world on 4th of August in the year 1990 in Karachi.