Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy Hindi Actor

We can call him a living legend with only one face but many talents. In spite of having many talents, he finally found his career as a director. He started his career as a front man in India’s most famous band ‘Scribe’. Later on, he continued his journey as an actor and finally made himself comfortable as a director and so he is called as ‘man with many faces.’ He is a very distractive person in real life and wants to try everything until he feels that it is suitable for him. He feels that direction involves him to think all the things at the same time as he has to be a writer sometimes or may be an actor or a musician sometimes. So he finds direction as his specialization. In spite of his hectic schedule, he never stays away from his band ‘Scribe’. It is a metal band from Mumbai, and it came into being since 2005 and is continuously performing throughout the country and has built up some specialty of its own amongst the Indian metal bands.

It had performed in the cultural fests of various national level colleges like IIT Madras which is a very prestigious Institute in India, BIT Mesra which is another prestigious Institute in the nation and DAIICT (Dhirubhai Ambani Institute Of Information and Communication Technology). Some of the famous albums of this band are ‘Have Hard Will Core’ in the year 2006, ‘Confect’ in the year 2008, ‘Mark Of Teja’ in the year 2010 and ‘Hail Mogambo’ in the year 2014. He started playing music when he was 19 years old and had changed a lot of bands. ‘Scribe’ was his eighth one. The rest all either left the country or are just moving on without any growth but ‘Scribe’ was the only band which had experienced success.

He had started his career with the Indian Thriller film ‘The Untitled Karthik Krishnan Project,’ a black and white film. It was screened in 2010 at Mumbai in ‘Mumbai International Film Festival’ which is a very famous film festival for all the stars. It was written and directed by Srinivas Sundarrajan. Later on, he was a director of the musical television series, ‘The Dewarists,’ telecasted in MTV India. The first five episodes involved Nick and Fred; the two famous directors from the UK. This show was organized by Monica Dogra, who is an actor cum singer. Raghu Dixit Raghu Dixit, born in Mysuru, Karnataka, is a famou >> Read More... Raghu Dixit was the one who composed its theme music. Later on, he had written and directed another television mini-series ‘Bring on the Night,’ starring Arjun Mathur Arjun Mathur is an Indian actor and was born on 18 >> Read More... Arjun Mathur , an actor in the Bollywood, Patrick Graham Patrick Graham is an English director who is worki >> Read More... Patrick Graham , Hussain Dalal Hussain Dalal is known as one of the most cherishe >> Read More... Hussain Dalal , an actor cum writer, and Sarang Sathaye Sarang Sathaye is an Indian actor who was born on >> Read More... Sarang Sathaye who is a well-known actor from the Bollywood, was telecasted in MTV India in the year 2012.