Sumukhi Suresh is an Indian stand-up comedian, director, actor, and writer. She was born on 19 October 1987. Primarily known for acting in comedy skits, she has also created a web series named Pushpavalli which features on Amazon Prime. She was raised in Nagpur. Sumukhi completed her bachelor’s degree from M.O.P Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai. During the start of her career, she worked at a children’s library, then as a chef, and consequently at a food laboratory. The Improv; a comedy show in Bengaluru became the platform for Sumukhi’s debut act. She left her full - time job to go for a stand-up expedition. ‘Anu Aunty - Engineering Anthem with Varun Aggrawal’ was her first video followed by the ‘Maid Sketch with Sanjay Manaktala.’ Sumukhi gained popularity with her portrayal of ‘Sumukhi Chawla’ in Better Life Foundation; a YouTube series.

Following this, she launched a YouTube series known as Behti Naak. In this series, the protagonist is a ten - year - old girl which has a dead pan humor style. Along with this, Sumukhi has also worked in a Kannada movie ‘Humble Politician Nagroj’ in which she portrays Nagroj’s wife, Lavanya. She has played various types of characters - an old Aunty, an impudent maid, and also a ten - year - old girl. In an industry largely dominated by men, Sumukhi wants to be the best in her field, breaking the gender bias and creating content that appeals to most of her audiences. Being a host of the Amazon Prime show Comicstaan, she says that sexist jokes have run out of humor and now people are accepted for who they are.

People have started recalling her in local trains by her character in Better Life Foundation. She has also performed a theatre play ‘Go Straight, Take Left’ along with Naveen Richard Naveen Richard is an Indian Stand-up comedian, ske >> Read More... Naveen Richard , an improviser and her fellow host in Comicstaan. ‘Disgust Me’ is a woman-only live property, created by Sumukhi in 2016. She says that her support for feminism had always been questioned to which she affirmatively accepts. In her opinion, it is also the responsibility of female stand-up comedians to work on their write - ups rather than complaining of lack of opportunity. She differentiates privilege from feminism while clearing misunderstandings regarding the same. But it has been a difficult journey for Sumukhi to come up as she is today, keeping off body shaming and similar negativities while not deviating the path she has chosen.