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Siddharth Kak is active in the Hindi Television world right from the year 1972 until the present. He got married to Gita, and the couple has a daughter namely Antara Kak Antara Kak is a film director and producer. She is >> Read More... . He is known for anchoring of TV shows, and he produced many serials. He plays a commendable job on the TV shows and serials. He hailed from Kashmir. His role in the making and anchoring of the show namely Surabhi was an absolute hit.

He produced and anchored the project right from the year 1993 until 2001. He collaborated with the Ford Foundation and were working on an agenda based on culture and the associated manifestation. He did his schooling and college in New Delhi after his family moved over there. He hosted a show with Renuka Sahane, and the name of the show is Indiadhanush, which got telecasted in NDTV.

His spouse is an actress, who hailed from Maharashtra. He worked in three movies as a producer, writer, and director. He also ventured out as an actor in the Bollywood film industry. He did supporting roles in five movies, and the last movie that he acted was Mr. India in the year 1987. He also acted in a Television Mini-Series in the year 1984.

The projects that he worked as a producer were all immense hits. He wrote a couple of books, wherein which he made out his experience in his career. The name of his works are "Looking in, Looking out", and "Surabhi Ke Sau Sawaal". He anchored a Television show again with Renuka Sahane for Hunnarbaaz, and this show began on 9th February 2014.

This duo was already a sensational pair in the show namely Surabhi, which too started off on the same date and month in 1993. There was huge anticipation for the new show, and the duo pulled it off in the second show as well. He has a lot of fan followers, and people, who adore him the most for his incredible acting. The best part is that he produced good films and anchored shows in a versatile way.


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